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Albert Han Captures Perfect Score on SAT!

HOUSTON, TX (May 8, 2015) Albert Han, a junior at Clements High School, has achieved a perfect score of 2400 on the SAT. Han, who accomplished this remarkable feat on the March 2015 SAT, completed the Test Masters PSAT & SAT preparation course in 2013. With his Perfect SAT Score, Han joins the ranks of the world’s most elite test takers and an increasingly large group of former Test Masters students.

Tommy Tan Gets Perfect Score on SAT!

HOUSTON, TX (March 12, 2015) Tommy Tan, a two-time Test Masters student and frequent Exam Club participant, has conquered the SAT, achieving a Perfect Score of 2400 on the December 2014 administration of the test. Tan’s achievement places him in the top 1% of students in the world. Tan joins an ever-increasing group of Test Masters students to achieve perfection on the SAT and ACT. He credits his success in large part to his experiences as a Test Masters student.

Test Masters Student Amy Ma Ends 2014 with Perfect SAT Score

HOUSTON, TX (February 6, 2015) Amy Ma, a junior at Clements High School, has become the latest in a long line of Test students to receive a Perfect Score of 2400 on the SAT. Ma, who received her Perfect SAT Score on the December 2014 SAT, completed the Test Masters SAT Classroom Course in the summer of 2012. Her preparation strategy included spending the past year preparing for the SAT by taking multiple practice tests through Test Masters’ Exam Club.

Test Masters Referral Program Has Yet Another Champion

HOUSTON (January 21, 2015) Alisha Aggarwal, a freshman at the University of Texas-Dallas, is the newest Test Masters Referral Champion after disseminated her coupon code since the summer of her junior year in high school. Alisha has been added to a long list of Test Masters Referral Champs and says, “The Test Masters Referral Program is great!”


HOUSTON, TX (January 14, 2015) For the second time in just twelve months, University of Houston student Connie Wong has earned recognition as a Test Masters Referral Champion. Wong, who was awarded a referral bonus in the amount of $3,000 in January 2014, has improved on this already impressive accomplishment by earning more than $4,000 in referral bonuses in Test Masters’ most recent referral distribution. Taken together with the referral checks she receives every quarter, Wong has now earned a staggering $10,000.


HOUSTON, TX (December 11, 2014) Johnson Shen has emerged as the all-time greatest Test Masters Referral Champion. In only four short years, Shen has earned over $30,000 through his participation in the Test Masters Referral Program. His most recent referral bonus comes in the form of a $3000 check.

Lekha Yesantharao Achieves a Perfect Score on the SAT!

HOUSTON, TX (December 3, 2014) – Lekha Yesantharao, a junior at Clear Lake High School, is the most recent Test Masters SAT & PSAT course graduate to take the SAT and emerge with a perfect score of 2400. Yesantharao, who took the Test Masters classroom course over the summer of 2014, says, “At first, I used to dread spending my summer studying for the SAT, but I quickly realized that Test Masters was worth the time and effort.”

Tiffany Van to Receive $2,000 Referral Bonus!

HOUSTON, TX (December 2, 2014) Tiffany Van, a junior at Rice University and former Test Masters student, has earned a Referral Bonus of $2,000. Van, who took the Test Masters SAT & PSAT Classroom course in the summer of 2010, says, “The referral program is a great way for past students to spread the word about Test Masters.”

Test Masters Student Harriet Tieh Earns Perfect Score on SAT!

HOUSTON, TX (November 11, 2014) Harriet Tieh has achieved test taking perfection, attaining a perfect score on the October 2014 SAT. With this score, Tieh, a senior at Kinkaid High School, joins an inreasing number of Test Masters course graduates to place in the top 1% of test takers worldwide.

Matt Hwang Earns Second Test Masters Referral Bonus in Less than a Year!

HOUSTON, TX (October 28, 2014) Three time Test Masters student Matthew Hwang has reached the next level of the Test Masters Referral Program by earning yet another $1,000 Referral Champion bonus. Since his last bonus in the spring of 2014, Hwang has gone on to refer another twenty students to Test Masters, earning himself at least $500 in referral checks and a second $1,000 Referral Champion Scholarship. This amount raises Hwang’s total Referral Program earnings to approximately $3,000 in less than a year’s time.