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Siby Baby Earns Second Referral Champion Bonus

HOUSTON, TX (November 7, 2015) Siby Baby, a 3rd year student in Texas Southern University’s Doctor of Pharmacy program, has earned his second Referral Champion Bonus since completing the TestMasters full length SAT classroom course in 2009. To date, Baby’s participation in the referral program has earned him approximately $3500. He describes the program as a ‘Win-win.’

Michelle Xie Captures Perfect SAT Score!

HOUSTON, TX (October 27, 2015) Michelle Xie has joined the ranks of Test Masters students who can say they made a perfect score on the SAT. Xie, a senior at Clements High School, took the full length Test Masters SAT classroom course the summer before her sophomore year of high school. Xie spent the intervening years between the end of her course and her Perfect SAT Score, achieved on the June 2015 SAT, keeping her test taking skills sharp through Test Masters’ Exam Club. In fact, Xie attributes part of her success to the wide range of resources available through Test Masters, which made it “easier to focus on studying instead of finding things to study.”

Karen Yang Gets Perfect Score on SAT!

HOUSTON, TX (October 12, 2015) Karen Yang, a Test Masters student and frequent exam club attendee, has joined the top one percent of test takers nationwide by achieving a perfect score on the June 2015 administration of the SAT. Yang attributes much of her success to Test Masters, particularly the exam club, which provided her with “an endless amount of SAT questions to master.”

Karen Kurian is a Referral Champion!

HOUSTON, TX (October 2, 2015) Karen Kurian, a senior at Elkins High School, has become TestMasters’ newest Referral Champion. Kurian, who completed TestMasters’ Full Length SAT Classroom Course in August 2014, took less than a year to earn the title of Referral Champion, referring more than 20 new students to TestMasters before the end of summer 2015.

Sasha Raman Achieves Perfect Score on SAT!

HOUSTON, TX (August 21, 2015) Sasha Raman, a rising senior at DeBakey High School for Health Professions, has conquered the SAT, capturing a perfect score of 2400 on the April 2015 administration of the test. Raman, who hopes to pursue a Biomedical engineering or Biochemistry undergraduate degree path, joins an elite group of high achieving high school students. Raman’s score places her in the top 1% of students in the world, and she credits much of her success on the SAT to her experience as a Test Masters student.

TestMasters Recognized by BBB with Award of Excellence

HOUSTON, TX (June 3, 2015) The Better Business Bureau of Houston has awarded TestMasters the Award of Excellence in the category of Education Services. This honor marks TestMasters’ second entry into the BBB’s Awards of Excellence, an annual ceremony in which the BBB recognizes accredited members for excellence and quality in the workplace.

Albert Han Captures Perfect Score on SAT!

HOUSTON, TX (May 8, 2015) Albert Han, a junior at Clements High School, has achieved a perfect score of 2400 on the SAT. Han, who accomplished this remarkable feat on the March 2015 SAT, completed the Test Masters PSAT & SAT preparation course in 2013. With his Perfect SAT Score, Han joins the ranks of the world’s most elite test takers and an increasingly large group of former Test Masters students.

Tommy Tan Gets Perfect Score on SAT!

HOUSTON, TX (March 12, 2015) Tommy Tan, a two-time Test Masters student and frequent Exam Club participant, has conquered the SAT, achieving a Perfect Score of 2400 on the December 2014 administration of the test. Tan’s achievement places him in the top 1% of students in the world. Tan joins an ever-increasing group of Test Masters students to achieve perfection on the SAT and ACT. He credits his success in large part to his experiences as a Test Masters student.

Test Masters Student Amy Ma Ends 2014 with Perfect SAT Score

HOUSTON, TX (February 6, 2015) Amy Ma, a junior at Clements High School, has become the latest in a long line of Test students to receive a Perfect Score of 2400 on the SAT. Ma, who received her Perfect SAT Score on the December 2014 SAT, completed the Test Masters SAT Classroom Course in the summer of 2012. Her preparation strategy included spending the past year preparing for the SAT by taking multiple practice tests through Test Masters’ Exam Club.

Test Masters Referral Program Has Yet Another Champion

HOUSTON (January 21, 2015) Alisha Aggarwal, a freshman at the University of Texas-Dallas, is the newest Test Masters Referral Champion after disseminated her coupon code since the summer of her junior year in high school. Alisha has been added to a long list of Test Masters Referral Champs and says, “The Test Masters Referral Program is great!”