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  • 6) Do not try to bring your expired or outdated ticket to your rescheduled SAT exam; you will not be permitted entry with an expired ticket.
  • 5) You will be required to reprint your confirmation ticket for this exam date.
  • 4) Most test dates are being pushed to September 16th (9/16/17).

Testmasters News

Priya Kass Earns Second $1000 Referral Champion Bonus

HOUSTON, TX (June 26, 2017) Priya Kass, a former Testmasters student and current University of Houstan Cougar, has earned a second referral championship bonus! Upon receipt of her newest champion bonus, Kass’ lifetime earnings through the referral program will amount to just over $3000.

Binila Baby to Receive $3000 Bonus as Referral Champion

HOUSTON, TX (June 26, 2017) Binila Baby, a Test Masters Referral Champion who has previously earned over $10,000 for referring new students to Test Masters, has accumulated enough new referrals to qualify for an additional $3,000 bonus. Baby, who completed a Test Masters SAT classroom course in the summer of 2012, is currently a senior at Texas A&M University studying Biomedical Engineering.

Nicholas Tong Wins $1000 Referral Champion Bonus, Again!

HOUSTON, TX (June 24, 2017) Nicholas Tong, a rising sophomore at the University of Texas at Austin, has earned another $1,000 Referral Champion bonus. Nicholas originally completed a Test Masters classroom course in preparation for the SAT in the summer of 2013. Since that time, Nicholas has been an active participant in the referral program and earned approximately $4000.

Jiayi Sun Earns First-Time Referral Champion Bonus of $1000

HOUSTON, TX (March 10, 2017) Jiayi Sun, a former Testmasters student and current freshman at Rice University, has referred over 20 students to Testmasters and in doing so earned a $1000 Referral Champion Bonus.

Rhea Saini Earns $1000 Prize through Referral Program

HOUSTON, TX (February 17, 2017) Saini found success in the referral program by posting her referral code and recommendations to take a Testmasters course online. On the amount of time spent working towards this referral bonus, and her specific referral strategies, she says, “I put in about an hour every month to posting my referral code online. I used public coupon websites such as to advertise my coupon – I remained anonymous and did not post to any social media sites. I would encourage future Test Masters students to utilize the many resources provided by the internet to spread the word.”

Priya Kass Earns $1000 Referral Champion Bonus

HOUSTON, TX (February 10, 2017) Priya Kass, a former student of Glenda Dawson High School and currently a University of Houston cougar, has qualified for Testmasters Referral Champion Bonus of $1000.

Tanvi Jadhav Achieves Perfect Score of 1600 on SAT

HOUSTON, TX (February 10, 2017) Tanvi Jadhav, a senior at Tompkins High School, achieved a perfect score of 1600 on the June 2016 SAT exam.

Hari Sowrirajan Does it Again! Testmasters Online Student Achieves Perfect Score on Both ACT and SAT!

Aurora, CO (January 13, 2017) Hari Sowrirajan has accomplished the extraordinary. Having already earned a perfect score on the ACT, Sowrirajan set his sights on the SAT and did the same, achieving a perfect score of 1600 on the November 2016 SAT exam. This score propels Sowrirajan to Legendary Status as a Testmasters Perfect Score Student, and places him in the upper echelons of the world’s most elite test takers.

Binila Baby Earns $10,000+ to Join Brother as Testmasters Referral Champion

HOUSTON, TX (November 30, 2016) Binila Baby, sister to multi Referral Champion Siby Baby, has set a new record for most referrals accrued in the shortest period of time. From April 2016 to the present, Binila has referred over 230 new students to Testmasters. In addition to setting a new precedent, and hopefully a recurring family tradition, Binila has earned a sizable referral bonus. Including bonuses, Binila will receive over $10,000 for her efforts, which does not include bonuses she may become eligible for in the next quarterly distribution.

Eric Jiang to Receive $1000 as Newest Testmasters Referral Champion

HOUSTON, TX (November 22, 2016) Eric Jiang, who graduated from Dawson high school in 2010 and Duke University in 2014, after completing a Testmasters SAT course as a junior in high school, has become the latest in a long line of Referral Champions. In addition to receiving $400 as part of Testmasters most recent referral distribution, Eric will collect a $1000 Referral Champion bonus as well.