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HOUSTON, TX (March 4, 2016) Samantha Trapani, a Lutheran South Academy senior, has become the first TestMasters Referral Champion of 2016. Though students need only complete a single TestMasters Full-Length Classroom Course to become eligible for the referral program, Trapani completed two, the TestMasters SAT course as well as the TestMasters ACT course. As a result, she was able to attest to the quality of twice as many TestMasters courses as the typical referral champion, which undoubtedly assisted her in achieving this title.


HOUSTON, TX (Feburary 24, 2016) DeBakey senior Gary Zhang is the newest in a long line of TestMasters students to achieve a perfect score on the SAT. Notably, Zhang supplemented his perfect SAT scores with perfect 800’s in the Math Level II and Biology SAT Subject Exams. Zhang has high praise for TestMasters, saying, “I definitely could not have achieved a perfect score had I not taken TestMasters, because the teachers, resources, and practice tests all made for a great learning experience that taught me new strategies for tackling the test and made it much easier come test day.”

Olivia Liu Gets Perfect Score on December 2015 SAT

HOUSTON, TX (February 26, 2016) Olivia Liu, a junior at Stephen F. Austin High School, earned a perfect score on the December 2015 administration of the SAT. This score places Liu in the top 1% of test takers world-wide. With this score, Liu joins a historically impressive number of TestMasters course alumni to achieve a perfect score on the SAT or ACT.

Anushka Madhuvarshi Obtains Perfect Score on SAT

HOUSTON, TX (February 13, 2016) Anushka Madhuvarshi, a senior at DeBakey High School for Health Professions, earned a Perfect Score of 2400 on the April 2015 SAT examination. Anushka credits her success on the SAT in large part to the comprehensive SAT classroom course she completed with TestMasters.

Teresa Datta Conquers ACT, Achieves Perfect Score of 36

HOUSTON, TX (February 1, 2016) Teresa Datta, a senior at Bellaire High School, has beaten the ACT, achieving a perfect score of 36 on the September 2015 administration of this exam. This score places Datta in the top 1% of test takers in the world. Datta completed a full length Test Masters ACT classroom course the summer before her junior year of high school, and she says her experience preparing for the ACT through TestMasters was invaluable.

Lucy Zhu Earns $3000 Through Referral Program!

HOUSTON, TX (December 17, 2015) Lucy Zhu has earned a Referral Champion Bonus in the amount of $3000. A 3rd year medical student at Baylor College of Medicine, Zhu has accrued an impressive number of referrals since completing a Test Masters full length SAT course in 2005.

Vaidehi Deshpande Earns $1000 Bonus Through Referral Program

WOODLANDS, TX (December 17, 2015) Vaidehi Deshpande, a Woodlands College Park High School senior, is the most recent student to become a Testmasters Referral champion. Vaidehi referred over 20 students to earn the $1,000 champion bonus, and she did so with less than half an hour’s work per month. “I didn’t have a specific strategy other than just using the internet. I put my code on as many websites as I could find. It didn’t take me a long time, maybe 20-30 minutes once a month.”

Rahul Yesantharao Continues Family Tradition, Earns Perfect Score on SAT

Clear Lake, TX (December 17, 2015). Rahul Yesantharao, a Clear Lake High School junior, is the newest TestMasters alum to earn a perfect 2400 on the SAT. Yesantharao took the TestMasters SAT Online course, which he praised, saying “it allowed me to watch the videos on topics that I needed the most review on several times while skipping over topics that I already had down.” Yesantharao said that “the video lessons were very good and provided me with clear strategies on how to approach any part of the SAT. They supplemented their teaching with several practice questions and score analysis, always keeping the teaching in context of the test and test-taking strategies.”

Steven Sun Earns Perfect Score on October 2015 SAT

HOUSTON, TX (December 12, 2015) Steven Sun is the newest TestMasters student to earn a perfect score on the SAT. Sun, a member of the class of 2018 at Cinco Ranch High School, scored a perfect 2400 on the October 2015 SAT and attributes much of his success to his TestMasters classroom course. Sun’s score places him in the top 1% of SAT test takers world-wide. With this accomplishment he joins an impressive, and increasing, group of TestMasters student alumni to achieve a perfect score on the SAT or ACT.

Siby Baby Earns Second Referral Champion Bonus

HOUSTON, TX (November 7, 2015) Siby Baby, a 3rd year student in Texas Southern University’s Doctor of Pharmacy program, has earned his second Referral Champion Bonus since completing the TestMasters full length SAT classroom course in 2009. To date, Baby’s participation in the referral program has earned him approximately $3500. He describes the program as a ‘Win-win.’