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EIT/FE - Professional Engineering

EIT/FE Classroom Course
EIT/FE Custom Group Course
EIT/FE Study Guides

PE - Professional Engineering

PE Classroom Course
PE Custom Group Course

GMAT - MBA Admissions

GMAT Classroom Course
GMAT Online Course
GMAT Private 1-on-1 Course
GMAT Custom Group Course
GMAT Tutoring
GMAT Study Guides

GRE - Graduate School Admissions
(Completely Revised for the New 2011 Exam)

GRE Classroom Course
GRE Online Course
GRE Private 1-on-1 Course
GRE Custom Group Course
GRE Tutoring
GRE Study Guides

LSAT - Law School Admissions

LSAT Classroom Course
LSAT Online Course
LSAT Private 1-on-1 Course
LSAT Custom Group Course
LSAT Tutoring
LSAT Study Guides

SAT - College Admissions

SAT Classroom Course
SAT Online Course
SAT Private 1-on-1 Course
SAT Custom Group Course
SAT Tutoring
SAT Study Guides

PSAT - National Merit Scholarships

PSAT Classroom Course
PSAT Online Course
PSAT Private 1-on-1 Course
PSAT Custom Group Course
PSAT Tutoring
PSAT Study Guides

ACT - College Admissions

ACT Classroom Course
ACT Online Course
ACT Private 1-on-1 Course
ACT Custom Group Course
ACT Tutoring
ACT Study Guides

Subject Test - Math Level 1

Subject Test - Math Level 1 Classroom Course
Subject Test - Math Level 1 Online Course
Subject Test - Math Level 1 Private 1-on-1 Course
Subject Test - Math Level 1 Custom Group Course
Subject Test - Math Level 1 Tutoring
Subject Test - Math Level 1 Study Guides

Subject Test - Math Level 2

Subject Test - Math Level 2 Classroom Course
Subject Test - Math Level 2 Online Course
Subject Test - Math Level 2 Private 1-on-1 Course
Subject Test - Math Level 2 Custom Group Course
Subject Test - Math Level 2 Tutoring
Subject Test - Math Level 2 Study Guides

Subject Test - Biology

Subject Test - Biology Classroom Course
Subject Test - Biology Online Course
Subject Test - Biology Private 1-on-1 Course
Subject Test - Biology Custom Group Course
Subject Test - Biology Tutoring
Subject Test - Biology Study Guides

Subject Test - Chemistry

Subject Test - Chemistry Classroom Course
Subject Test - Chemistry Online Course
Subject Test - Chemistry Private 1-on-1 Course
Subject Test - Chemistry Custom Group Course
Subject Test - Chemistry Tutoring
Subject Test - Chemistry Study Guides

Subject Test - Physics

Subject Test - Physics Classroom Course
Subject Test - Physics Online Course
Subject Test - Physics Private 1-on-1 Course
Subject Test - Physics Custom Group Course
Subject Test - Physics Tutoring
Subject Test - Physics Study Guides

ISEE Upper Level

ISEE Upper Level Classroom Course
ISEE Upper Level Online Course
ISEE Upper Level Private 1-on-1 Course
ISEE Upper Level Custom Group Course
ISEE Upper Level Tutoring
ISEE Upper Level Study Guides

ISEE Mid Level

ISEE Mid Level Classroom Course
ISEE Mid Level Online Course
ISEE Mid Level Private 1-on-1 Course
ISEE Mid Level Custom Group Course
ISEE Mid Level Tutoring
ISEE Mid Level Study Guides

ISEE Lower Level

ISEE Lower Level Classroom Course
ISEE Lower Level Online Course
ISEE Lower Level Private 1-on-1 Course
ISEE Lower Level Custom Group Course
ISEE Lower Level Tutoring
ISEE Lower Level Study Guides

HSPT - K-12 Admissions

HSPT Classroom Course
HSPT Online Course
HSPT Private 1-on-1 Course
HSPT Custom Group Course
HSPT Tutoring
HSPT Study Guides

AP Exams

AP Calculus AB & BC
AP Economics Micro & Macro
AP Biology
AP Chemistry
AP English Lang & Lit
AP Spanish Lang & Lit
AP Physics B & C
AP Statistics
AP U.S. History

Subject Tests

Math Level 1
Math Level 2
World History
U.S. History
Homework Help

K-8 Math
Algebra I

Other Exams

CLEP Spanish


Testmasters Exam Prep Courses And Classes

Testmasters is one of the fastest growing test prep companies in the country. We have higher score increase guarantees, more comprehensive programs, and more effective instructors than any other test preparation company in the industry. We have almost 20 years of proven test preparation strategies that have helped tens of thousands of students achieve their academic goals.

Testmasters has been offering professional test preparation services since 1991 for a variety of admissions tests and professional licensing exams. Not only does Testmasters have experience with test preparation, we also have a proven track record of generating results. We have the best test score increase guarantees in the industry.

Convenience, flexibility, and affordability make Testmasters the best choice for test preparation courses. We offer full-length courses, private courses, and group courses for students and professionals that have demanding school and work schedules. With our score increase guarantees, flexible scheduling options, comprehensive course materials, and experienced instructors, we offer the best value of any exam preparation company in existence.

Testmasters Main Location

Testmasters Online Preparation Courses and Classes

Our online test preparation courses offer the same benefits as the full length courses, but you have total control over your class schedule and location because you can take the class in the comfort of your own home. With Testmasters Online Prep Courses, you can watch classes multiple times, take breaks when you want, and review classes when you need extra practice.

Testmasters Private Tutoring and Private Courses and Classes

Testmasters offers private tutoring sessions as well as 1-on-1 private tutoring courses for all of the exams. We have a team of private tutors who are ready to help you with your exam preparation needs. For more information about 1-on-1 private preparation courses, click on your desired exam above. For information about private tutoring, please call us at (281) 276-7777 or contact Testmasters online.

Testmasters Office

Testmasters Custom Courses and Classes

Want to take a Testmasters course, but cannot find a location near you? Found a location, but cannot find a schedule that fits yours? Testmasters also offers custom courses which are tailor-made to fit your schedule. With a Custom Course, you will have access to all of the features that make the full-length classroom Courses so effective, but the Custom Course would be conducted at the times and locations of your choice. Testmasters can conduct classes at office buildings, business schools, universities, and other locations with space available, making it a flexible option that will help you manage your time. For more information, select one of the course options above, call us at (281) 276-7777 or contact Testmasters online.

Testmasters Office

Testmasters Test Preparation Books and Study Guides

We offer comprehensive exam preparation books for the SAT, Subject Test Tests, ACT, LSAT, GRE, GMAT, EIT/FE and PE exams. We also have Testmasters solution manuals for the LSAT, SAT, and GRE that are available exclusively from Testmasters. All of our manuals include information completely up-to-date with the latest versions of the exams and it is often information that can not be found in other books. A good example of this is our LSAT Manual, which is the only LSAT Preparation Manual in existence that includes every previously administered LSAT exam and the solutions written by the Testmasters staff. Our best-selling book, The Complete Solutions to the College Board's Official SAT Study Guide: For the SAT, is also a Testmasters original. This book is proprietary and is the only book available that contains the solutions to all ten of the practice SAT exams that are available in College Board's SAT Preparation manual (which is also included in all Testmasters SAT Courses). Check out Testmasters Books and Study Guides.

If you have any questions about schedules and locations not listed on this site, please contact Testmasters today. Thank you for your interest in Testmasters!