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Why Testmasters GMAT Preparation?

Testmasters knows the GMAT. Testmasters has studied the ins and outs of the new test and updated our strategies for the new test. While the test may be changing, Testmasters remains confident in our strategies and we stand behind our score improvement guarantee. Compare the old and new GMAT, or find answers to all your questions about the new GMAT in the New GMAT FAQs. Ready to take the new GMAT? Read more about why Testmasters Revised GMAT Course is the right choice!

Testmasters knows results.
We guarantee a 100-point minimum score increase after taking the Testmasters GMAT prep course.

Testmasters knows what it takes to be successful.
Testmasters GMAT prep courses have helped thousands of students get into their desired graduate business school. The teachers are experienced in their respective fields and are extensively trained in the art of GMAT test preparation. Unlike other courses led by one teacher with limited knowledge across many subject areas, Testmasters GMAT courses are led by several instructors with in-depth knowledge of specific disciplines. Testmasters instructors are trained to help students pinpoint their challenges so that they can improve in those specific areas.

Testmasters has outstanding course materials.
We base our course materials on real exams, including unique strategies and tips to help you excel on test day. The manuals undergo a rigorous development process with multiple revisions to make sure Testmasters students receive a top-notch product. With hundreds of pages filled with sample questions and detailed explanations, the custom-designed manual forms the foundation for the Testmasters GMAT course from which our teachers draw out ideas to help students masters the skills necessary to ace the GMAT.

Testmasters knows the GMAT and the students that take it.
We know how the GMAT writers think, we know how future business students think, and we know how improve scores on the GMAT through our Testmasters GMAT prep course. Testmasters hires experts to analyze every available exam, providing us with more than 15 years of course analyses and test strategies to share with Testmasters GMAT students.

Testmasters lets you learn how you want to learn. With our classroom, online, custom, and private 1-on-1 courses, you choose the learning style that works best for you. Each Testmasters course covers the same material, tailored to the particular format. Additional tutoring is available for any of the Testmasters GMAT courses.

Classroom Course Private 1-on-1 Course Online Course
12 Classes Testmasters Testmasters Testmasters
100 Point Score Increase Guarantee Testmasters Testmasters Testmasters
Over 1200 Pages Of Course Materials Testmasters Testmasters Testmasters
The Official Guide for GMAT® Review Testmasters Testmasters Testmasters
Method Live Live Online
Price As low as $999 As low as $2999 As low as $899

How Do I Register For A Testmasters GMAT Test Prep Course?

Students can register for Testmasters GMAT courses online (see city and state below) or by calling Testmasters at (281) 276-7777.

For private GMAT preparation courses, call Testmasters at (281) 276-7777.


"Testmasters raised my confidence by making me aware of my weak spots and showing me how to eliminate them."
Thomas M., Testmasters GMAT Test Prep Course participant

"Testmasters instructors are engaging, entertaining, and great at what they do. I honestly think they were better than most professors I had in college."
Jenny C., Testmasters GMAT Test Prep Course participant