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OLSAT Tutoring

Testmasters private tutoring is perfect for students who need or want personalized instruction for the OLSAT. Private tutoring provides flexible access to our best instructors and individualized lesson plans for each student.

What is the OLSAT?

The Otis-Lennon School Ability Test (OLSAT) is an abstract reasoning test designed to measure general intelligence. The test is created and published by Pearson, Inc. Though its name is similar to the SAT, a college entrance exam created by the College Board, it is in no way affiliated with the SAT and is a completely different test. It is used primarily for three purposes:

  1. As a general measure of intelligence
  2. To track progress through school
  3. To help teachers understand students’ individuals needs

OLSAT Tutoring

Like any other standardized test, the OLSAT is based on a fixed set of topics. While questions on individual tests vary, the core principles and skillset needed to succeed on the exam do not. Testmasters offers tutoring for the OLSAT that is designed to cater to a student’s specific strengths and weaknesses and empower them to perform to their maximum ability. At Testmasters, we use questions similar to what students can expect on the OLSAT to supplement our lessons with concrete examples, enabling students to solidify their grasp on a concept by applying it to a real problem.

Contact Testmasters at (281) 276-7777 or 1 (800) 910-3926 for more information and pricing.

Why Choose Testmasters?

We understand the challenges involved in taking the OLSAT. We know how challenging the OLSAT can be, but we have a clear understanding of how test makers create the test and how students approach it, and we can help you achieve your goals on the OLSAT. At Testmasters, experts analyze every available exam, and prospective students taking part in private tutoring can look forward to benefiting from our 20 years of experience, course analyses, test strategies, and practice techniques.

Contact Testmasters at (281) 276-7777 or 1 (800) 910-3926 for more information and pricing.