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Pearland Student Achieves Perfect Score on the SAT

Pearland Student Achieves Perfect Score on the SATPEARLAND, Texas Test Masters student Sophy Lee achieved a perfect score on the SAT in October 2007, an accomplishment that includes less than 1% of SAT test takers each year. Lee currently attends Pearland High School in Pearland, Texas and knew that a highly competitive SAT score is imperative for high school students who want to be accepted into notable universities.

Lee felt that adequate preparation for taking the test would increase her chances of a high score on the SAT, so she enrolled in a TestMasters preparation course located in SugarLand, Texas. "A few of my friends recommended Test Masters to me in the spring of my sophomore year. It sounded like a fun, interesting, and instructive course, so I gathered nine of my friends and we all signed up. The TestMasters SAT course is the only one Ive taken."

Familiarization with the SAT test, taking numerous practice tests, and learning how to work efficiently under timed conditions in a test-taking environment are all part of Lees recipe for success. "I liked that Test Masters uses genuine College Board tests rather than mock tests that dont actually come from the company that provides the SAT," said Lee. "The course materials that were provided at the beginning of the course were excellent. There was no fluff, and they included exactly what was necessary to tackle the SAT. I also knew that every lesson I attended was not only fun, but a legitimate reflection of the real test that I would take."

When asked to offer advice to future SAT exam takers, Lee commented, "In the end, it comes down to familiarizing yourself with the test. Quality practice under timed conditions in a test taking environment helps the most in raising your score. At least for me, just taking a countless number of practice tests probably isn't as helpful as taking a few practice tests under proper conditions."

Although she is still waiting decision letters from several colleges, Lees top choices are the Economics programs at either Yale or Harvard. As a reward for her outstanding achievement, she will receive a $1000 check from Test Masters which will help with college expenses such as tuition, books, and other living costs.


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Student Comments

I saw an improvement in my ability to answer LSAT questions immediately. From the first day of class I began to understand how to use, apply, and amplify settings.
The class also allowed me to become more comfortable with the test. The more comfortable I
became with the test, the faster and more accurate I was able to take the test.

- Kenitra B.