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Note: The PSAT will be changing in October 2015!
For more information about the New 2015 PSAT, check out our page on the New PSAT.

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* Please note that the Testmasters SAT Course and the Testmasters PSAT Course are the same preparation class. All of the test strategies, course materials, and practice activities that are a part of this course will prepare students for the PSAT as well as the SAT.

Why Choose a Testmasters PSAT Preparation Course?

Testmasters understands the challenges involved in taking the PSAT.
We know how challenging the SAT can be, but we have a clear understanding of how both test graders and students think, and we can help you defeat the test. We hire experts to analyze every available exam, and we have accumulated more than 15 years of course analyses and test strategies to share with students who sign up for our Testmasters PSAT course.

Testmasters has the best teachers in the industry.
The Testmasters PSAT prep course has helped thousands of students get into the universities of their choice. We understand that you need a stimulating and interesting learning environment in order to be motivated, and the Testmasters PSAT course instructors provide that. The instructors at Testmasters are experienced, engaging, and extensively trained in the art of PSAT preparation. Unlike our competitors, our Testmasters PSAT course instructors have thorough knowledge in specific areas and bring that expertise to the Testmasters PSAT courses.

How is the Testmasters PSAT course set up?

The SAT and PSAT courses are combined, as all the topics between the tests are common. The Testmasters course covers all the topics covered on the PSAT and the SAT. It also includes Three Full-length Official College Board SAT Practice Exams with Computerized Feedback and over 1200 pages of course materials:

Verbal Topics

  • Critical Reading
  • Sentence Completion
  • Verbal Workshop

Math Topics

  • Geometry
  • Word Problems
  • Advanced Math
  • Math Workshop

Writing Topics

  • Writing #1 (Essay Writing)
  • Writing #2 (Grammar and Usage Review)

Most locations offer our full length course as well as online courses, 1-on-1 tutoring or other options. We can offer custom courses in any location. Find a course available in your area.

How do the classroom, private 1-on-1, and online Testmasters PSAT courses compare?

With Testmasters classroom, private 1-on-1, and online courses, you choose the learning style that works best for you. Each course covers the same material, tailored to the particular format. Additional tutoring is available regardless of which course you choose.

Classroom CoursePrivate 1-on-1 CourseOnline Course
12 ClassesTestmasters Course Comparison CheckTestmasters Course Comparison CheckTestmasters Course Comparison Check
30 Point Score Increase GuaranteeTestmasters Course Comparison CheckTestmasters Course Comparison CheckTestmasters Course Comparison Check
Over 1200 Pages of Course MaterialsTestmasters Course Comparison CheckTestmasters Course Comparison CheckTestmasters Course Comparison Check
Official College Board SAT Practice ExamsTestmasters Course Comparison CheckTestmasters Course Comparison CheckTestmasters Course Comparison Check
PriceStarts at $749Starts at $1199Starts at $699
Group Discount PriceStarts at $64950% for additional studentsStarts at $599

How is the Testmasters PSAT Course different from other courses?

The testimonials tell the story, as do the record breaking scores of our students, year after year. The Testmasters course includes unique and highly effective strategies not taught anywhere else by highly experienced, dynamic instructors. It is the quality of the Testmasters course that allows us to have the industry’s highest score improvement guarantee – 30 points! (300 Point SAT equivalent)

How much do I have to prepare before taking the PSAT course?

We advise students looking to take the SAT / PSAT for college admissions to start a prep course after completing Geometry in high school. If you are looking to take the test to apply for a scholarship (such as the National Merit Scholarship), however, you would need to start earlier. For more information on this please visit the Testmasters PSAT FAQ section.

How does the 30 Point PSAT Score Improvement Guarantee (300 Point SAT equivalent) work?

Testmasters guarantees that if you attend every class and do all your required homework your SAT score will go up by at least 300 points. If not, you will be eligible for a special review course before the next exam or allowed to retake the next available class (depending on your location). Our goal is for you to achieve your goals on the SAT or PSAT.

Does the 30 Point PSAT Score Improvement Guarantee (300 Point SAT equivalent) still apply if I miss a class?

All classes need to be attended for the Score Improvement Guarantee. This is also for your benefit, as attending all classes will increase your chances of passing. However, we understand that sometimes unavoidable circumstances come up and you are unable to attend. Depending on your location, we can schedule you to take the class in another location or provide you an online makeup session that you can view, and the guarantee will still apply. For more information on makeups please view specific course information in your location.

How Do I Register For A Testmasters PSAT Prep Course?

There are a few options to register for a course. You can register online for a Testmasters course or you can call our office at (281) 276-7777 and register over the phone.

Does Testmasters offer group registration discounts?

Testmasters offers group discounts ranging from $25 to $200 off the value of your course for groups. To get a group discount, all members must enroll in the same course. For more information on group discounts please view specific course information in your area.

What course materials will I receive in the PSAT course?

A Testmasters SAT / PSAT course manual, a copy of the College Board’s Official SAT Study Guide, and a Testmasters-produced solution guide to the College Board’s Official SAT Study will be given out on the second day of class. All teaching is done from these materials.