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With tens of thousands students since 1991, Test Masters is one of the fastest-growing SAT and PSAT Preparation Programs in the country. The SAT is the most important test you take in high school, and your score determines where you will go to college. Simply put: the higher your score, the better the college. This is why proper preparation for these tests is so important.

Every year, Test Masters produces more perfect SAT scores and more National Merit Semifinalists than all our competitors combined! With the SAT, how you choose to prepare is more important than ever. The Test Masters SAT Course is so effective that we guarantee your score will improve by 300 Points - higher than any other test preparation company around!

Course Overview

  • An Intensive Program with 12 Classes of 3 Hours each over 5 Weeks.
  • Exclusively Designed for the  SAT & PSAT.
  • A 300 Point Score Increase Guarantee!
  • Unique and Highly Effective Strategies Not Taught Anywhere Else!
  • Highly Experienced, Dynamic Instructors.
  • Three Full-length Official College Board SAT Practice Exams with Computerized Feedback.
  • Over 1200 Pages of Course Materials.
  • Group Discounts Available.
  • Guaranteed $1000 Scholarship for any Perfect 2400 Score on the SAT.
  • Only $999 with Early Registration TWO WEEKS before the Start of the Course.

Test Masters vs the Competition



Test Masters


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Score Increase Guarantee

300 Points

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200 Points

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Course Fee

The course fee for the SAT program is $999 with registration two weeks in advance of the start of the class. After this, the fee is $1,099.

Class Format

Each Test Masters SAT & PSAT Course has 12 sessions. Each class session is 3 hours long and each exam is 4 hours long. The course covers everything you need to do well on the New SAT.

Group Discount

  • For GROUPS OF 3 OR MORE PERSONS who join the SAT course together at least TWO WEEKS prior to the start of the course, there is a $50 DISCOUNT PER PERSON.
  • For GROUPS OF 5 OR MORE PERSONS who join the SAT course together at least TWO WEEKS prior to the start of the course, there is a $100 DISCOUNT PER PERSON.
  • For GROUPS OF 10 OR MORE PERSONS who join the SAT course together at least TWO WEEKS prior to the start of the course, there is a $200 DISCOUNT PER PERSON.

Members of a group must take courses starting within the same week, but not necessarily the same course. The payment of all group members must be received at least TWO WEEKS before the first course in that group starts. To receive a group discount, each student must provide all the names of the other students that are in his or her group. Students requesting group discounts are ineligible for our withdrawal policy due to the effects it would have on their group members. Any changes to group membership must be done TWO WEEKS prior to the start of the first class in the group. Please call our office for more information about group discounts.

Computerized Feedback

All exams administered in class are official College Board SAT practice exams. At Test Masters, we use only official College Board SAT practice exams so that you may get a more accurate assessment of what your score is and what you need to work on. After you take each exam in class, we run your answer sheet through our computer systems to analyze your strengths and weaknesses on the SAT. You can view the results of this analysis online. Also provided in the course are complete solutions to each SAT exam.

Standard Makeup Policy

If you have to miss a class, you can make up the class in the next available course or using our online makeup options. The first two make-ups are free. After this, there is a charge of $30 per make-up.

Additional Help

Instructors are available before and after class for students who request additional help.

300 Point Score Increase Guarantee

Test Masters guarantees that if you attend every class and do all your required homework (on average less than two hours per week), your SAT score will go up by at least 300 points. If you don't improve by at least 300 points, then you can repeat the next available course free of charge.

$1000 Scholarship

If you join the Test Masters New SAT course and achieve a perfect score of 2400 on the SAT, we will give you a $1000 college scholarship guaranteed!