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Tanvi Jadhav Achieves Perfect Score of 1600 on SAT

HOUSTON, TX (February 10, 2017) Tanvi Jadhav, a senior at Tompkins High School, achieved a perfect score of 1600 on the June 2016 SAT exam.

Hari Sowrirajan Does it Again! Testmasters Online Student Achieves Perfect Score on Both ACT and SAT!

Aurora, CO (January 13, 2017) Hari Sowrirajan has accomplished the extraordinary. Having already earned a perfect score on the ACT, Sowrirajan set his sights on the SAT and did the same, achieving a perfect score of 1600 on the November 2016 SAT exam. This score propels Sowrirajan to Legendary Status as a Testmasters Perfect Score Student, and places him in the upper echelons of the world’s most elite test takers.

Binila Baby Earns $10,000+ to Join Brother as Testmasters Referral Champion

HOUSTON, TX (November 30, 2016) Binila Baby, sister to multi Referral Champion Siby Baby, has set a new record for most referrals accrued in the shortest period of time. From April 2016 to the present, Binila has referred over 230 new students to Testmasters. In addition to setting a new precedent, and hopefully a recurring family tradition, Binila has earned a sizable referral bonus. Including bonuses, Binila will receive over $10,000 for her efforts, which does not include bonuses she may become eligible for in the next quarterly distribution.

Eric Jiang to Receive $1000 as Newest Testmasters Referral Champion

HOUSTON, TX (November 22, 2016) Eric Jiang, who graduated from Dawson high school in 2010 and Duke University in 2014, after completing a Testmasters SAT course as a junior in high school, has become the latest in a long line of Referral Champions. In addition to receiving $400 as part of Testmasters most recent referral distribution, Eric will collect a $1000 Referral Champion bonus as well.

Hari Sowrirajan Annihilates ACT, Achieves Perfect Score of 36

Greenwood Village, CO (October 20, 2016) Hari Sowrirajan, a junior at Cherry Creek High School in Greenwood Village, CO, has achieved a composite score of 36 on the September 2016 administration of the ACT. This score places Hari in the top 1% of test takers in the world, and enters him into a historically impressive and growing number of Testmasters students to attain a perfect score on the ACT or SAT.

Cody Meng Achieves Perfect Score on SAT

HOUSTON, TX (August 19, 2016) Cody Meng, a rising senior at the Kinkaid School, has joined the very best test-takers in the world, and an increasingly impressive number of Testmasters alumni, achieving a perfect score on the December 2015 administration of the SAT. Meng’s score places him in the top 1% of test-takers. He credits his success in part to his time as a Testmasters student, having twice completed a full length Testmasters SAT course, once as a 6th grader and once again before 11th grade.


HOUSTON, TX (August 8, 2016) Benjamin Kang, a rising senior at St. John’s school, received a perfect score on the very first administration of the revised SAT, on the March 2016 administration of that exam. Kang’s accomplishment continues a long Testmasters tradition of producing Perfect Score students, and also demonstrates the company’s adaptability in the face of changing exam formats. Kang, who was referred to Testmasters by a family friend, says the practice exams he completed as a part of Testmasters’ Exam Club “provided an accurate, up-to-date representation of the actual test.” He continues, “Testmasters was able to predict the style of almost all of the questions on the new SAT despite there not being a precedent for the new test.” He says, “While the course itself helped immensely with boosting my Critical Reading score, the practice tests really polished my consistency.”

Testmasters Wins 2016 BBB Pinnacle Award

HOUSTON, TX (May 12, 2016) Yesterday, the Better Business Bureau Education Foundation recognized Testmasters with the 2016 BBB Pinnacle Award. This is the third consecutive year that Testmasters has been acknowledged at the BBB Awards for Excellence and the second time Testmasters has received the Pinnacle Award, having previously earned this honor in 2014. Almost 300 Houston area companies applied, but only about two dozen or so were recognized as Pinnacle Award winners.

Siby Baby Earns Third Referral Championship!

HOUSTON, TX (April 29, 2016) Two-time referral champion Siby Baby has joined the ranks of the truly elite by achieving a remarkable third referral championship. A third-year pharmacy student at Texas Southern University who originally completed the Testmasters SAT Classroom Course in 2009, Baby has proven how regular participation in Testmasters’ referral program return consistent payouts.

Sharonya Shetty Clobbers SAT, receives Perfect Score of 2400

HOUSTON, TX (April 22, 2016) Sharonya Shetty, a junior at Michael E. DeBakey High School for Health Professions, achieved a perfect score of 2400 on the January 2016 SAT exam. Shetty’s score places her in the top 1% of SAT test takers world-wide. With this score, Shetty joins a historically impressive number of TestMasters students to achieve a perfect score on either the SAT or ACT.