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HOUSTON, TX (April 27, 2019) Helen Wang was adamant on doing her absolute best on the SAT. Only a fraction of 1 percent of students who take the SAT scored a perfect 1600 and Helen has joined that exclusive fraction. She believes the experienced teachers and their dedication to making sure she understood the intricacies of the answer choices made the biggest difference.

“TestMasters really broke down the test for me and helped me understand how standardized tests want you to think. I consider what I learned at TestMasters quite helpful, especially with regards to the essay section since it’s subjective; the classes showed me that the readers are really only looking for specific aspects and as long as they are included the essay ends up easier to write than it would seem. ”

She adds, “The exam club was very useful to me. It had a large variety of practice tests and the process of using them was straightforward, so I went almost every weekend before the actual SAT. I was able to learn a lot by simply doing as many practice problems as I could, especially since the solution manuals were so thorough. “

Wang was born and raised in North Houston and has been a student at Clements and is in the process of completing her senior year. Her extracurriculars are STEM-focused, specifically around math and computer science. She’s a member of the math and computer science clubs and spends a lot of her free time inside worlds drawn by words. She also enjoys coding as a hobby.

Her final words of advice for students preparing for the SAT, “Cramming is impossible, don’t try it. In the weeks leading up to the exam, I’d suggest taking as many practice tests as reasonably possible (ex. once per week) and especially making sure that each incorrect answer makes sense before moving on.”

In recognition of her achievement, TestMasters will award Wang a $1000 Perfect Score Scholarship. Click here to watch Helen’s Interview.


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