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Janya Ram Gets Perfect Score on ACT

HOUSTON, TX (April 27, 2018) Janya Ram, currently a junior at Clements High School, has obtained a perfect score on the ACT. Janya accomplished this incredible feat of test-taking excellence on the February 2018 ACT exam. This accomplishment places Janya into the top 1% of test takers worldwide, and into a historically impressive number of former Testmasters students to achieve a perfect score on the SAT or ACT.

Janya says that she achieved this score despite some difficult circumstances the morning and day of the exam. “I was pretty excited leading up to the test since I had prepared well. Unfortunately, I got the flu the day before, but decided I could not miss this chance to take the ACT. So I had a light dinner, took Dayquil pills, and went over my math formula sheet the day before. The next morning I went for my test thinking I was completely packed. Around 7:45, when I checked my bag for my calculator and other items, I found that the calculator was not there. This was the worst situation possible. I called my dad and my dad rushed to the school with it and I finally got it at 755. After the test, I was so exhausted, I took a long nap.

Janya also says that her experiences as a Testmasters student were invaluable to her achieving a perfect score. “The workbook Testmasters provides during the course has lot of strategies and tips to remember for all the topics, especially Critical Reading, which was the most difficult for me. It is a good reference leading up to the day before the exam. Attending Exam Club became my Sunday morning routine and it really built up the stamina for me to sit in a place for 4 hours and do a test. So on test day, I felt it was another Exam Club day and was relaxed during the test.

I really don’t think I would have done as well on the ACT had I not taken a course like Testmasters. It boosted my confidence to take the ACT Exam.”

Janya’s advice for future students preparing for the ACT is to “enroll in a Testmasters prep course, if you can,” and she also recommends that students take as many practice exams as possible. “Take as many timed exams as you can with Exam Club, which was probably the greatest resource for me.”

In recognition of Janya’s accomplishment, Testmasters will reward her a $1000 scholarship.


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