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Nicholas Tong Earns 3rd Referral Championship!

HOUSTON, TX (October 23, 2018) Nicholas Tong, a former TestMasters SAT student and current University of Texas Austin sophomore, has earned the title of TestMasters Referral Champion, for the third time! His total accumulation of referral credits over the past year have earned him $3000 in bonuses.

Nicholas, who took TestMasters’ SAT as a sophomore in high school, has earned about $6000 over the past several years participating in the TestMasters Referral program. He claims not to spend much effort promoting his coupon code. “I didn’t put that much time into my strategy. I only posted the code on some forums and talked to a few friends about it.”

The TestMasters Referral Program has a burgeoning popularity. Since its founding in 1991, TestMasters has distributed well over $100,000 in regular referral program payouts and bonuses, and participation in the Referral Program has seen a dramatic upward tick in the past several years. Nicholas is a great example of this, as he is the most recent addition to a growing number of members to the Referral Champion “Three-timer” club. His methodology for earning referrals has also become increasingly popular, as more and more students utilize low-effort strategies, like posting their codes frequently on coupon sites, which don’t take up a great deal of their time yet yield tremendous dividends.

The referral program is relatively simple in design: former students are rewarded with a $25 referral credit for referring new students to TestMasters, and the new student receives a $25 discount to the cost of their course. When referring students earn 20 referrals, they become TestMasters Referral Champions and earn an additional prize in the form of a $1000 Referral Scholarship. As their referral codes never expire, many students have begun to recognize that participation in this referral program represents a low-effort, high-reward option to help mitigate the costs of higher education.

Nicholas, who hopes to pursue a career in Cyber Security after graduation and has a history of entrepreneurialsim, says that he plans to invest his recent earnings.


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