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Testmasters SAT Testimonials

“My score went up more than 300 points, Testmasters really helped! I will definitely recommend it to my friends!”

Kelly T.

“My score increased at least 200 or more points every practice test! Testmasters is not only effective when it comes to learning, but interesting with the outgoing teachers!”

Rene H.

“Testmasters helped me to improve my SAT score largely. The classes were fun and I continually felt like I was making progress.”

Rachael W.

“The Excellent Staff Taught Me About Strategies To Effortlessly Raise Scores.”

Jillian K.

“Testmasters was very effective. I loved the staff and positive environment. With Testmasters, my score went up over 400 points. Thanks!”

Sydney D

“Testmasters is a well though out streamlined course that offers practical strategies for getting better scores. The teachers make it fun and easy to handle”

Lerin R.

“With the help of Testmasters, I improved my SAT score and with the help of amazing teachers, I’m coming closer to my goal. Thanks!”

Elisa E.

“Testmasters is a helpful program that provides education as well as good time.”

Chris D.

“Testmasters has helped me more than I ever imagined. There are great teachers and you learn a ton of information. I now feel comfortable taking the SAT.”

Cristina G.

“Testmasters is fun and exciting. The teachers are hilarious and the classes are fun! My score went up a whopping 600 points! Wahoo for Testmasters.”

Kelly C.

“Testmasters helps you tear apart the SAT.”

Mary F.

“Testmasters got my essay from a 3 to a 10. Testmasters has awesome teachers who helped me with a lot of different areas. Thanks.!!”

Leslie J.

“Go to test masters, get a 2400.”

Narmadha G.

“I had a 1900 in the beginning. Now I have a 2300 after 5 weeks. Ya’ll are awesome.”

Rachel K.

“It was a big help if you pay attention and do the work, it will help you. I raised my score 320 points.”

Cori R.

“The Testmasters course was amazing. My score went up 530 points with just a few hours a week of instruction. The Testmasters bandwagon is one that actually beneficial to jump on.”

Sarah A.

“Testmasters was very helpful. I improved every time on my practice SAT. The teachers were very helpful and funny.”

Britanny K.

“Testmasters was absolutely breathtaking. Their study tricks & very insight guidance helped to better me on future SATs without their help. I would gave succumbed to the rigorous challenges of the test and for that, I am thankful.”

Matt R.

“Testmasters has been an amazing help to me. After learning all of the tricks and skills I need to know for the SAT I feel confident that I will do well on the SAT.”

Jonathan D.

“Testmasters definitely helped me for the SATs. They gave me easy strategies to get through it and now I’m not panicking anymore. Also, surprisingly, it was fun. The teacher’s fun personality made people actually want to learn.”

Tiffany C.

“This is probably the only class I have ever looked forward to going to. The teachers are fun, and the tips are definitely helpful.”

Katie T.

“Testmasters changed my life. It helped improve my score by a bunch. The teachers make studying for the SAT fun and exciting.”

Alan A.

“My parents said I would thank them for putting me in Testmasters. Thanks mom & dad.”

Erika R.

“Testmasters is a great way to prepare for the SAT. It was fun and the teachers were very helpful. You will learn many tricks and helpful hints to improve your score.”

Rebecca Z.

“SAT score improvement-300pts, Money spent-$500, The experience and education earned at Testmasters-Priceless.”

Shakshi K.

“Testmasters is the coolest class ever! The instructors are so awesome that you don’t even notice you’re improving you SAT scores too!”

Jessica L.

“By attending the first three classes, my score on the SAT increased 290 points. It was complete magic done by Testmasters.”

Caroline K.

“Testmasters has truly helped me improve my test scores. Not only by improving my SAT score, it has also made me more efficient in other subjects. This is truly life changing.”

Jiaqi C.

“Testmasters was really fun and makes learning enjoyable. The Class allows me to look the test at a different perspective. Also, it has improved my score tremendously.”

Linda L.

“Testmasters has profoundly impacted both my academic and personal outlook on life. Before taking this course, I was completely lost as to how to take the SAT, but the inspirational and appropriately humorous teachers have completely turned my score around for the better. Above all, however, i was just shocked by the generous dispersion of candy.”

Jiaqin C.

“Testmasters was a great way to spend the summer. You raise your sat score, have fun because the teachers are jocular and you get quality time with your friends in the class.”

Shirley Q.

“I found it hard to believe all the testimonials I heard, but test masters really did help me. My first essay received a 6/12. I was absolutely clueless. With Testmasters perfect explanation of the essay, I got full 12/12’s on my essays! College here I come!”

Mark B.

“Testmasters really helped- from the initial test to practice test #2, I went from 1810 to a 2200, and that was before I even finished the class… hopefully by the time I take the sat for real, my score will improve even more.”

Kerwell L.

“I love test masters.”

Matt B.

“My 1st sat score was 1330. My score went to 1470 in one week. Can’t imagine what I would get on the real test.”

Claudia L.

“In two weeks my SAT scores improved by over 200 points! The instructors were great and very funny. Thank you test masters.”

Lillian H.

“Testmasters definitely been worth the money because its strategies are really useful and easily learned in a fun class environment.”

Saloni S.

“Testmasters was the best decision I ever made!! The instructors are amazing.”

Bowei W.

“Testmasters helped me to improve my SAT scores. The teachers are really fun! It’s the only place that you can improve your SAT scores by having fun.”

Ayaka Y.

“Testmasters is seriously the best. Before I took test masters, I thought I knew everything about the SAT and that I didn’t need to take test masters to help me improve my score. But I didn’t know everything and test masters helped me with my essays and my critical reading. It helped me and it’ll help you.”

Jennifer Y.

“Before coming to test masters I attended Kaplan. It was very boring. It is not that Kaplan is bad or anything, its just that test masters is hundred times better and the classes are very jocular. Wow I just used a SAT word. I guess this class really works.”

A.J. L.

“Testmasters is a great course. The teachers are all very intelligent and know how to make class fun and interesting at the same time. Testmasters builds confidence in students and prepares them for great results.”

Ram D.

“Testmasters has truly been beneficial to me. It has guided me and helped motivate me to do & study more.”

Zayna R.

“I have been looking for a prep-class for SAT, I heard about Testmasters and how it raises your score from the help of great teachers, who cover very important material. Testmasters is fun and I do recommend it.”

Heidi A.

“I took another SAT class before the SAT/PSAT and I did okay, but it wasn’t as good as I knew I could do. But after test masters I’ve raised my potential.”

Mary K.

“Getting a twelve on an essay has never been easier.”

Shahroz K.

“Test masters has augmented my vocabulary, as this quote will show. The instructors are complaisant and cordial, yet magisterial, knowing that test masters quells and mollifies my fear that the SAT will be the bane of my existence.”

Wendy H.

“Test masters is an amusing and entertaining way to raise your school. Watch out for flying objects. The math course rocks.”

Han H.

“The instructors are humorous and witty. The course provides a casual environment in which I find it easy to absorb strategies presented to me.”

Meng C.

“My mom enrolled me in test masters during my summer vacation, but at the end of the course, I really felt that it was worth the time and money. Plus the proctors do a good job teaching us, while keeping us entertained.”

Natasha M.

“It was very beneficial. My score increased by a little over 300 points.”

Luke M.

“My score rose dramatically with both the essay and math. I even improved on my best subject, critical reading.”

Samantha T.

“Well, my score improved 300 points by my second practice test… need I say more?”

Sarah S.

“I love TM. Its too cool for school.”

Sheila U.

“Testmasters made me a test master.”

Tim H.

“It helped me acquire the skills to understand how to apply knowledge I already knew to the test.”

Lauren F.

“Before I took TM, I was insecure about my math skills. Now, I’m always doing math problems. I’m starting to like them more than writing!”

Simone J.

“TM has the craziest teachers ever! Time goes by so fast when you have funny instructors who make class fun.”

Maja B.

“I always enjoyed my time in TM because the instructors were exciting and always had the answers to every question I had.”

Danielle L.

“TM had made me feel confident that I can improve my test scores and achieve the highest possible score on the SAT.”

Pheobe C.

“TMs is the best in Test Prep. They have all the shortcuts.”

John H.

“After trying a couple of SAT prep courses, I found TMs to be the most effective. I would definitely recommend if to anyone who wants to improve their score.”

Darshan P.