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SAT vs ACT? Live In-Person vs Live Online? How to Decide.

  • QUESTION 1: Do you prefer to take the SAT or ACT?
    • The SAT and ACT can both be used for college admissions.
    • Colleges consider the SAT and ACT the same. No college prefers one test over the other.
    • The highest score on the SAT is a 1600. The highest score on the ACT is a 36.
      • A 35 on the ACT is equivalent to a 1550 on the SAT.
      • A 30 on the ACT is equivalent to a 1380 on the SAT.
      • A 25 on the ACT is equivalent to a 1200 on the SAT.
    • The SAT is given on a computer. The ACT is given on paper.
    • The SAT and ACT both test Math, Reading, and Writing Skills with some differences. The SAT tests vocabulary whereas the ACT does not. The ACT has a Science section whereas the SAT does not.
    • The ACT Science is not “real” science – you don’t need to know Biology, Chemistry, or Physics. Instead, it mostly tests graph interpretation, variable tweaking, etc. – almost an extension of Math.
    • The SAT Math is mostly Algebra I and Geometry whereas the ACT Math also tests some Algebra II concepts.
    • The SAT goes more in-depth and can be trickier. The ACT is more straight-forward, but is a faster test covering slightly more advanced concepts.
  • QUESTION 2: Do you prefer learning live in-person or live online via Zoom from home?
    • Live In-Person Courses require travel and may not be close by for you.
    • Live Online Courses can be done from home, but require a computer and internet connection.

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