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  • If you have to miss a class, make-ups are easy and flexible! Here is what you need to know:
    • You can make up any missed class with any other live course or you can make it up via an on-demand online HD video.
    • The class topics are independent from one another and can thus be done in any order: missing earlier classes won’t affect you for later classes. You could even do the course backwards.
    • You just want to to get all the topics in before your actual exam date.
    • You have thirty (30) days after the last day of your course to make up any missed classes. If you need an additional 30 days, please call our offices for an extension.
    • You can schedule live make-ups by either calling us or by logging into your online account at and then clicking on Make-Up Center.
    • The step-by-step instructions to schedule live make-ups through your account on our website HERE.
    • The earlier in your course you schedule the make-ups, the more make-up options you will have.
    • If none of the make-up options work for you, you can either wait for more make-ups to be released (usually every two to three weeks) or you can call us to request an on-demand online HD video for the missed topic. You can watch the issued videos as much as you want for two weeks.
    • It is not possible to schedule make-ups prior to your course starting. Different courses have different topic orders, and the topic order is not finalized until the start of the course,
    • The exception is the first day – which is always Exam 1.
    • If you are missing the first day (Exam 1), you can make it up in one of four ways:
      • 1) you can make it up with the first day of any other course (need to schedule through our office)
      • 2) you can come to our main office during office hours and we can privately administer the test to you
      • 3) we can email you the test along with a proctoring video and you can do the test on your own
      • 4) you can substitute any previous official test score in place of the first test
    • Students are limited to four free make-ups with additional make-ups costing $30 each, but holidays, emergencies, and sicknesses do not count towards that limit.
    • For any questions, please call TestMasters at 281-276-7777.