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Testmasters PE Mechanical Exam Classroom Course

How is the Testmasters PE Mechanical Exam Course Set Up?

The PE Mechanical course consists of two sections:

Review Course: Theoretical concepts are explained to refresh and give students an understanding of important PE Mechanical Exam topics. Many example problems are worked out in class to reinforce these concepts. The focus of the Testmasters PE Mechanical review course is to review the important concepts needed for the exam and begin the development of the student’s problem-solving proficiency.

Problem Solving Workshops: The workshops supplement the review courses for the examination. Since the actual examination is focused on problem- solving, the PE Mechanical Exam course will provide intensive problem- solving practice to enable students to perform at their highest capabilities on the exam. The Testmasters PE course workshops focus on the depth (PM) examinations, which can certainly help to increase the score in the breadth (AM) part of the examination. 100% of classroom time is devoted to solving exam- like problems and strengthening the student’s proficiency within a timed environment, similar to that on exam day.

How long are the courses and what are the topics covered?

The PE Mechanical Exam Test Course will cover 84 hours of classroom instruction.

Review Course: This review course covers selected topics from the following: Fluids, Heat Transfer/Exchangers, Economic Analysis, Thermodynamics, Vibrations, HVAC/Refrigeration, Stress Analysis, Pumps, and Combustion.

Workshops: There are 12 workshops on the following subjects: Thermodynamics, Heat Transfer/Exchangers, Fluids, HVAC/Refrigeration I & II, Machine Design I & II, Blowers and Compressors, Stress Analysis I & II, and Power Plants I & II.

What is the format of the PE Mechanical Exam?

The PE (Mechanical) examination is in breadth and depth format. All examinees work the breadth (AM) exam and one of the depth (PM) exams. The breadth exam contains questions from all areas of the discipline. The depth exams focus more closely on a single area of the engineering discipline.

PE (Mechanical): The PM depth exams are in HVAC/Refrigeration, Mechanical Systems, and Thermal/Fluid Systems. The AM breadth covers all of these areas.

What Testmasters course materials will I receive?

The fees for the Testmasters course include extensive course notes. All teaching is done from these notes.