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Why Choose a Testmasters SAT Preparation Course?

Testmasters guarantees results.
As a result of the quality of our SAT courses, we are able to offer students a 200 Point Score Improvement Guarantee. If any student completes the Testmasters SAT course and does not increase their score by 200 points, they can retake the next available SAT course again at no charge. (Specific schedules and options vary by city.)

Testmasters has the best teachers in the industry.
The instructors at Testmasters are experienced, engaging, and extensively trained in the art of SAT preparation. Unlike other prep courses, Testmasters SAT prep courses feature instructors who have thorough knowledge in specific areas and bring that expertise to each and every class. The Testmasters SAT prep course has helped thousands of students get into the universities of their choice.

Testmasters has outstanding course materials.
We base the Testmasters course materials on real exams, including unique strategies and tips to help you excel on test day. The manuals undergo a rigorous development process with multiple revisions to make sure Testmasters students receive a top-notch product. With hundreds of pages filled with sample questions and detailed explanations, our custom-designed manual forms the foundation for the Testmasters SAT course.

Testmasters understands the challenges involved in taking the SAT.
The SAT is challenging, but Testmasters has a clear understanding of how both test graders and students think. Using Testmasters, you can conquer the SAT with ease. Testmasters hires experts to analyze every available exam, accumulating more than 20 years of course analyses and test strategies. Sign up today to unlock the secret strategies to ace the SAT!

Testmasters lets you learn how you want to learn.
With our classroom, online, custom, and private 1-on-1 courses, you choose the learning style that works best for you. Each Testmasters course covers the same material, tailored to the particular format. Need more help? Testmasters also offers additional tutoring in two hour blocks for focused review, a perfect complement to any of the course options.

Classroom Course Private 1-on-1 Course Online Course
11 Classes Testmasters Testmasters Testmasters
200 Point Score Increase Guarantee Testmasters Testmasters Testmasters
Over 1200 Pages of Course Materials Testmasters Testmasters Testmasters
Official College Board SAT Practice Exams Testmasters Testmasters Testmasters
Method Live Live / Online Online
Price Starts at $799 Starts at $2999 Starts at $699
Group Discount Price Starts at $699 50% for additional students Starts at $599

How Do I Register For A Testmasters SAT Prep Course?

You can register for our Testmasters SAT courses online or call us at (281) 276-7777. For private Testmasters SAT courses or Testmasters SAT Custom Courses, please give us a call.


“Testmasters uses creative and effective teaching methods, working both with each individual and the group as a unit. Taking a Testmasters prep course is a must for any student looking to improve their score.”
-Elisabeth G.

“Testmasters boosted my score up 440 points!”
-Jerrod C.

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