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Professional Engineering Exams

Testmasters offers several courses for engineers seeking a professional engineering license. Applicants for an engineering license must first pass the Fundamentals of Engineering exam, after which they are known as “Engineers-In-Training.” They must then pass a second exam, known as the Principles and Practice of Engineering exam. Testmasters offers courses for both test types, with specific reviews for various Engineering disciplines:

The Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) exam is the first step in getting your Professional Engineering license. Read more information about Testmasters FE-CBT prep courses.

The Principles and Practice of Engineering (PE) exam is the second step in getting your Professional Engineering license. There is a PE exam for each Engineering discipline. Read more about Testmasters PE prep courses.

FE and PE Honor List

The scaled maximum score for the FE and PE examinations is 100. Very few, maybe less than 1%, make 90+ in the examination. Listed below are the engineers who took Test Masters courses and scored 90+. We know the actual number of students who scored 90+ is much higher because the majority of states don’t release the passing score. These engineers are the best of the best, and Test Masters is very proud to present them to the engineering community.

John ChapmanSpring 201796PE Chemical
Matthew HergenretherSpring 201795PE Mechanical
Steven LiterSpring 201794PE Electrical
Kaleb StrelingSpring 201794PE Civil
Ruoxi GuoSpring 201794PE Civil
Michael ChavezSpring 201793PE Civil
Zachary VickSpring 201792PE Mechanical
Coen ThomasSpring 201792PE Civil
Brian RentschSpring 201792PE Civil
Tyler FreeseSpring 201792PE Civil
Zachary BlakemanSpring 201791PE Mechanical
Neil PrasadSpring 201791PE Mechanical
John BellSpring 201791PE Mechanical
Brian LeeSpring 201791PE Electrical
Craig KasperSpring 201791PE Civil
Jordan FarrarSpring 201790PE Mechanical
John SullivanSpring 201790PE Civil
Hunter HansonSpring 201790PE Civil
John CreeganFall 201698PE Mechanical
Bryceson NunleyFall 201698PE Mechanical
Clinton PontonFall 201696PE Civil
Taylor BroussardFall 201695PE Mechanical
Phillip IzziFall 201695PE Mechanical
James LottFall 201693PE Civil
Scott WoodFall 201693PE Electrical
Kelsi McCormackFall 201693PE Civil
Jason NguyenFall 201692PE Mechanical
Seth FranksFall 201692PE Civil
Zachary PlinarioFall 201692PE Civil
David GerlaFall 201692PE Civil
Marcus TrewFall 201691PE Civil
Aashish SharmaFall 201691PE Mechanical
Mayuresh DhaigudeFall 201691PE Mechanical
Spencer RobichauxFall 201691PE Mechanical
Kendra PickardFall 201691PE Mechanical
Bryan BrownFall 201691PE Mechanical
Ross LangdaleFall 201690PE Civil
Jesus CervantesFall 201690PE Civil
Michael WaltherFall 201690PE Mechanical
Adam KohoutFall 201690PE Civil
Jason BryanSpring 201698PE Mechanical
James BurnsideSpring 201697PE Civil
Ryan McDonnellSpring 201696PE Mechanical
Sunny JainSpring 201694PE Mechanical
Zack DawsonSpring 201694PE Civil
Sarah FredrichSpring 201692PE Civil
Robert MartinSpring 201692PE Civil
Justin VollmerSpring 201691PE Mechanical
Eric EngelskirchenSpring 201693PE Civil
James (Jim) SchneiderSpring 201691PE Mechanical
Michael NelsonFall 201595PE Mechanical
Daniel FrazierFall 201595PE Civil
Sean EglintonFall 201592PE Civil
Litao LiuFall 201591PE Civil
Mohammad ZamanFall 201599PE Mechanical
Kristen DelackFall 201595PE Mechanical
Justin ScruggsFall 201596PE Mechanical
Ashlyn KelblyFall 201594PE Civil
Bregger GarrisonFall 201596PE Civil
Won Ki KimFall 201597PE Mechanical
Ted ColeFall 201591PE Mechanical
Matthew BoeckerSpring 201597PE Electrical
Feng ChenSpring 201597PE Electrical
Dan GallagherSpring 201590PE Civil
Gregory MartinSpring 201592PE Mechanical
Cristobal UrenaSpring 201590PE Electrical
Satish VekariyaSpring 201597PE Mechanical
Paul VizenorSpring 201590PE Civil
Justin WaltersFall 201490PE Electrical
Matthew BryantFall 201493PE Mechanical
Tyler DubeFall 201491PE Civil
Karteek GummiFall 201491PE Electrical
Jennifer KesslerFall 201494PE Civil
Himanshu KhuranaFall 201495PE Civil
Joel RagbirsinghFall 201491PE Mechanical
Dean PorterFall 201492PE Mechanical
Noah RandolphFall 201492PE Mechanical
Robert SandersFall 201492PE Mechanical
Blake SillsFall 201495PE Civil
Dustin WintsFall 201494PE Civil
Saltuk AksuSpring 201491PE Mechanical
Carol DannaSpring 201491PE Civil
Andrew DuttonSpring 201492PE Civil
Raymond FoltzSpring 201490PE Civil
Kyle KingSpring 201494PE Mechanical
Jijun LinSpring 201493PE Mechanical
Justin SandtSpring 201494PE Civil
Shashikant SaradaSpring 201492PE Mechanical
Erik SnyderSpring 201499PE Civil
Cory SparwasserSpring 201494PE Mechanical
Clint AdamsFall 2013100PE Mechanical
Nolan BarborakFall 201390PE Civil
Michael BrzozowskiFall 201390PE Civil
Lai Yin ChanFall 201394PE Civil
Jason CookFall 201393PE Mechanical
Scott DowlingFall 201393PE Electrical
David EhmerFall 201390PE Mechanical
Jason EldridgeFall 201390PE Civil
My-Linh LaudFall 201390PE Civil
Tyler LewisFall 201398PE Civil
Tyson HannFall 2013100PE Civil
Chee-Seang OngFall 201394PE Chemical
Sean RayFall 201398PE Civil
Benjamin SetterboFall 201393PE Civil
Andrew WeaverFall 201390PE Mechanical
Todd WardFall 201396PE Civil
Jared BarberSpring 201393PE Civil
Brandon BoundsSpring 201391PE Mechanical
Andrew DomkeSpring 201395PE Civil
Michael HerndonSpring 201392PE Civil
Adam KingSpring 201394PE Civil
Kimberly MartinSpring 201398PE Civil
Long NguyenSpring 201391PE Civil
Josh RobertsSpring 201391PE Civil
Ryan WatsonSpring 201395PE Civil
Wes WoodsSpring 201395PE Mechanical
Yin WuSpring 201391FE-CBT
Robert ZaborSpring 201391PE Mechanical
Nikhil AnthonyOctober 201297PE Mechanical
Jose BarrauOctober 201295PE Civil
Ben CoffeyOctober 201290PE Mechanical
Avery DavisOctober 201294PE Civil
Paris DicelyOctober 201297PE Chemical
Lucas JohnsonOctober 201292PE Civil
Rob KrenzOctober 201291PE Mechanical
Matthieu LeClairOctober 201294PE Civil
Peter MassonOctober 201294PE Mechanical
Ignacio NavarroOctober 201295PE Civil
Christopher OttoOctober 201294PE Civil
Hugo SalinasOctober 201295PE Civil
Shashikant SaradaOctober 201291PE Civil
Steve ShepsonOctober 201290PE Mechanical
Matthew WaltonOctober 201291PE Mechanical
Philip WheatOctober 201290PE Civil
Jack YoungOctober 201291PE Civil
Kyle ZapalacOctober 201291PE Civil
David ZettlemoyerOctober 201290PE Civil
Karthik AruruApril 201291PE Mechanical
Shaun BarnesApril 201290PE Civil
Christopher CrimApril 201290PE Civil
Odion DibuaApril 201292PE Mechanical
Carlos FernandezApril 201295PE Civil
David FrenzelApril 201294PE Chemical
Kevin GrafApril 201292PE Civil
Shawn GrahamApril 201292PE Civil
Andrew GrohmannApril 201290PE Mechanical
Chris HayApril 201292PE Civil
Christina HickeyApril 201294PE Civil
Chris HittleApril 201292PE Civil
Garrett KellerApril 201292PE Civil
Daniel MarrApril 201291PE Electrical
Brett PopeApril 201291PE Civil
Ben SatterwhiteApril 201290PE Civil
Richard SeversonApril 201291PE Mechanical
Matthew SneedApril 201292PE Civil
Jeffrey BartoOctober 201198PE Civil
Bryan KinslerOctober 201194PE Civil
Stephen MaldonadoOctober 201195PE Civil
Terence RaymondOctober 2011100PE Mechanical
Colden RichOctober 201192PE Civil
Brent CaldwellApril 201192PE Civil
Conlin CrowApril 201190PE Civil
Megan EvansApril 201192PE Chemical
Shaun GravoisApril 201193PE Chemical
Robert HerrmannApril 201193PE Civil
Matthew MangesApril 201194PE Civil
Jacob McCaskeyApril 201192PE Civil
Rebecca NichollsApril 201193PE Civil
Joel OcmandApril 201190PE Electrical
Dakshit (Dev) PatelApril 201190PE Civil
James RoseApril 201190PE Mechanical
Partha SharmaApril 201191PE Civil
Alison SmithApril 201190PE Civil
Christopher WolterOctober 201090PE Civil
Mayank MurarkaOctober 201091PE Mechanical
Bryan MosherOctober 201091PE Mechanical
Sagar KholeApril 201096PE Civil
Erin Kathleen LyonsApril 201097PE Civil
Eduardo SaaOctober 200995PE Electrical
Matthew DavisOctober 200995PE Electrical
Michael BayerOctober 200992PE Electrical
Michael BohmOctober 200990PE Civil
Casey WebbOctober 200993PE Civil
Raul WilliamsonOctober 200997PE Electrical
Frank H. WilliamsOctober 200996PE Civil
Mason GemarApril 200999PE Civil
Saurabh GuptaApril 200990PE Mechanical
Bryan SpinaApril 200991PE Civil
Epigmenio GonzalezOctober 200892PE Civil
Dnyanesh KhotOctober 200895PE Mechanical
Hugh KimOctober 200892PE Civil
Chris MundieOctober 200895PE Civil
Gregory NadeauOctober 200892PE Civil
Brad PickeringOctober 200896PE Civil
Feibai MaApril 200892PE Civil
Saurabh GuptaOctober 200791FE-CBT
Rakesh KhanOctober 200790PE Civil
Scott QuintavalleOctober 200792PE Electrical
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