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PE Civil Testimonials Continued

PE (Civil) Review Course and Workshops

“I just wanted to let you all know that I passed the exam on my first try! I truly believe that your course gave me the knowledge to pass the exam. I KNOW that if I hadn’t have taken your course, I wouldn’t have been able to focus on the correct material. I would like to say that all of the instructors were great! Thank you for such a wonderful course… I couldn’t have done it without you and your staff!”

Rebecca, El Paso, TX
Passed October 2007

“Thanks for the guidance your course offered, because it helped me to pass the exam.”

Scott, Columbia, SC
Passed October 2007

“Your test taking techniques, tips, coursework and material have truly made a difference in my career! In fact, me and 3 other students from your classes are in the process of getting together to celebrate passing the test.”

Joseph, Charlotte, NC
Passed October 2007

“I just wanted to say “Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!” Someone told me about your course, and WhooHoo! I FINALLY passed the exam! Thanks for all the great information provided for the exam, and for the great instructors! I know I could’ve never done it without Test Masters!”

Tina, Henderson, NV
Passed October 2007

“I want to express my sincere gratitude to Testmasters. Your instructors covered the material that was on the examination, so that I knew where to focus my additional studying efforts. Your course made my studying efficient, so that I did not waste time studying things that would not be covered. I would say that your course definitely concentrated on getting points. It was worth every penny! I was a first time P&P exam taker and ecstatic that I do not have to do that again! Thank you for a comprehensive examination preparation course. Without your course, I know that I would have been overwhelmed studying and frankly do not believe I would have passed the first time.”

Linda, Dallas, TX
Passed October 2007

“I passed. I would like to thank you for providing me with the knowledge to pass the examination.”

Jonathan, Panama City, FL
Passed October 2007

“I am very thankful to Test Masters for guiding me through the preparation. I believe all the instructors did a fantastic job in preparing us for the exam.”

Rama, Houston, TX
Passed October 2007

“I took your review course in October and am confident that it made all the difference! It’s been 20 years since I graduated with a degree in Geological Engineering. Without your assistance, I do not believe I would have passed.”

Douglas, Knoxville, TN
Passed October 2007

“I just wanted to let you know that the results for the Texas Civil PE October 2007 exam came back yesterday and I was successful in passing the exam! What a great Christmas present it is.”

Brian, Dallas, TX
Passed October 2007

“I took the P.E Civil exam in October 2007 and passed. Thanks to Test Masters’ help I could pass in my first attempt.”

Kishore, Houston, TX
Passed October 2007

“The courses and workshops helped me pass the PE exam. Thanks to all of you.”

Moses, Paris, TX
Passed October 2007

“Thanks to you and your staff for preparing me to take the P&P Exam. I believe that I would not have passed the exam on my first try without having taken The Test Masters Preparation Course.”

Wade, Paris, TX
Passed October 2007

“Passed the Ohio PE!!!!!! Thanks for setting up excellent set of instructors who put together highly condensed and effective teaching sessions and comprehensive notes. Your tips for examination preparation and on how to give the actual exam were great.”

Dhuruva, Doral, FL
Passed October 2007

“I would like to inform you that I passed my P.E. Exam and would like to thank you in particular and Test Masters in general for the review course.”

Zaheer, Sugar Land, TX
Passed October 2007

“I wanted to let you know that I passed the PE exam! Thank you so very much! Test Masters helped me get here!”

Tejashri, Austin, TX
Passed October 2007

“I am happy to inform you that I passed the PE exam. Thank you very much for all the support given in the class.”

Ramanie, Friendswood, TX
Passed October 2007

“Just wanted to tell you how much your class helped me prepare for the recent exam. I passed!!! I can’t tell you how thankful I am.”

Shelly, Ada, OK
Passed October 2007

“I just want to let you know that I passed the P.E. Exam. That was really great news before Christmas.”

Munir, Fort Myers, FL
Passed October 2007

“I would like to thank you for your PE courses. And, I passed PE transportation (I believe with an excellent score in morning session).”

Mohamad, Houston, TX
Passed October 2007

“I would like to thank you for offering the course. I received my exam score and I passed. I owe it all to the classes you provided. And not just the material covered but the information on how to take the test was extremely helpful. I am recommending your classes to everyone I know. Thank you again.

Jason, Irving, TX
Passed October 2007

“I would just like to express my sincerest gratitude to you in helping me pass the P.E. exam finally. The class was just what I needed. This time due to the class I didn’t spend time studying unnecessary concepts. I was very organized this time and the test flowed well. It was well worth the money.”

Jeffrey, Frisco, TX
Passed October 2007

“I really appreciate the coaching and training that you and your colleagues have provided. Without the help I could not have passed the PE Exam in my first attempt. I started preparing after the first class and made it. I have not been involved in design for last 7 years since I have been out of school.”

Ahsan, Taylor, TX
Passed October 2007

I passed! I am so happy! Yahoo! I contribute my success to your course. You do an excellent job and I learned/relearned so much. Thanks a million.

Greg, Juneau, AK
Passed April 2007

I will say this, of all the courses I took in preparation of the PE test, I believe Test Masters prepared me the best. I would highly recommend anyone taking the test to take Test Masters as their primary study aid.

John, Lewisville, TX
Passed April 2007

I passed the exam!! After being out of full-time engineering for 20 years, I would never have been able to pass this test on the first attempt without your course. Thanks!

Patti, Austin, TX
Passed April 2007

I passed!! 100% thanks goes to this review course!

Gina, Longview, TX
Passed April 2007

I passed the exam. Thanks very much for all advice during course.

Joaquin, Doral, FL
Passed April 2007

Thanks for the course and your brilliant strategy.

Elias, Dallas, TX
Passed April 2007

I thank you and the other instructors for helping to make the difference. I have already recommended Test Masters and will continue to do so.

Robert, Houston, TX
Passed April 2007

After 25 years in management, I’m sure that without your classes I wouldn’t pass. Thanks for your help.”

Francisco, Tulsa, OK
Passed April 2007

I just wanted to thank you and let you know how effective the class was for me. I received my test results this month and they were super positive. I passed!!! Your class was great and I really enjoyed the learning experience.”

Fred, Montgomery, AL
Passed April 2007

It has been 23 years since I graduated from college and thanks to Test Masters I passed the P.E. exam in Transportation on the first sitting!

Bill, Houston, TX
Passed April 2007

I passed! Woo Hoo!!! The Test Masters class had much to do with that.”

Amanda, Corpus Christi, TX
Passed April 2007

I want to thank you for your help because without it I couldn’t have passed. You gave me the limits of what I had to study (I graduated from the university more than 20 years ago).

Carlos, Cooper City, FL
Passed April 2007

I passed! I’m so happy that I took your course. Keep up the good work!

Rebecca, Houston, TX
Passed April 2007

Thanks for your help in passing the exam. Test Masters did a great job helping me prepare for the exam.”

David, Lubbock, TX
Passed April 2007

I passed!!!!!! First time to take it! Couldnt have done it without your class!”

Chris, Lawrence, MS
Passed April 2007

The Test Masters course was absolutely invaluable in preparing me for the test. I had never had soil mechanics or water resources course work or experience, and the classwork and study guide truly did prepare me for the exam. Further, the course materials and lecture information have been already and will continue to be valuable reference assets for my future work. Thank you.”

Carroll, Richardson, TX
Passed April 2007

I dont think I could have passed it first time without attending the prep course at Test Masters.

Phasith, Houston, TX
Passed April 2007

Thank you Test Masters!!!!!! I could not have done on the first try with the review classes.

Gary Goessler, Houston, TX
Passed April 2007

I do feel that [the course] was the difference in passing the test, particularly since I have been out of school for 33 years and spent most of the last ten years running an engineering company, rather than doing engineering work.

Robert, Houston, TX
Passed April 2007

I would like to thank you so much for all the information and help. I think the advice to rethink my exam discipline choice was monumental. Thanks again for the class.

Patty, Mesa, AZ
Passed April 2007

I’d like to thank you and all of your instructors for helping me focus on topics that are truly important.

Edward, Keller, TX
Passed April 2007

I can say with satisfaction that every minute of the review course, workshops and studying were well worth it!

Phillip, Houston, TX
Passed April 2007

Many thanks to you and your staff for the intense exam preparation.

Juan, San Antonio, TX
Passed April 2007

I just wanted to let you know that I finally passed the Civil PE. It feels great, what a relief! I wanted to thank you guys for the all the help. If it wasn’t for your classes, I would probably still be studying for the EIT.

Erich, Surprise, AZ
Passed April 2007

I passed the test!!! I took Transportation on the evening portion. Thank you so much for all of your help. I really think that the Test Masters class made a big difference. I cant thank you enough!

Jason, Fayetteville, AR
Passed April 2007

I have successfully completed and passed my PE exam in the State of Arizona. Being out of college for 20 plus years and utilizing the course and recommendations, I know I could not have passed without your help and guidance. Thanks to all for your helping me to accomplish the biggest career advancement tool since my college education.”

Tom, Glendale, AZ
Passed April 2007

I passed the PE Exam. Thank you and all the instructors for their help, the class was a great help.

Diego, Santa Fe, NM
Passed April 2007

Thanks for all of your help! Taking the review course definitely made a difference in my preparation and success!

Stacey, Charlottesville, VA
Passed April 2007

The key to my success in both exam passings, was your qualified instructors, the classroom setting, the acute focus on necessary material, and the wise advise given by the instructors to do the many practice problems in class in order to adequately teach and master those which presented on the test.

Justin, Tempe, AZ
Passed April 2007

I have no doubt that this course helped me pass the exam.

Tami, Denton, TX
Passed April 2006

Thank you for your class. It was the only reason I passed.

Mehul, Olando, FL
Passed April 2006

I would like to deeply thank you for the P.E. exam review course that you offer. It was the first time I have taken the exam with your review course. The course you offer is excellent.

Jeremy, Gracevile, FL
Passed April 2006

I appreciate all the work and help from the teachers in the class. I felt the class was a big help in my ability to pass the exam.

Jennifer, Scottsdale ,AZ
Passed April 2006

Your course was very instrumental in helping me pass the exam and I’ll highly recommend it to anyone who is planning on taking this exam.

Bryan, Lakeland, FL
Passed April 2006

Thank you very much for the preparation – it truly made the difference.

Priscilla, Coral Gables, FL
Passed April 2006

The test masters class was great. I was able to finish the AM session in about 2.5 hours.

Julio, Key Biscayne, FL
Passed April 2006

It was hard investing the money into your course but well worth it and probably the best investment I will ever make.

Dominic, Tampa, FL
Passed April 2006

I truly feel your review class put me over the top and allowed me to pass the exam.

Sean, Phoenix, AZ
Passed April 2006

After failing the test on my first attempt, I signed up for the much talked-about Testmasters course. I certainly am pleased with the result!

Matt, Fort Myers, FL
Passed April 2006

I thought it [the workshops] was well timed and provided excellent practice.

Karen, McKinney, TX
Passed April 2006

The reference material, instructors, and direction for study was invaluable.

Daniel, Frisco, TX
Passed April 2006

I don’t know if I could have done it on the 1st try without Testmasters.

Richie, Austin, TX
Passed April 2006

It [the course] saved me a lot of time and got me to focus on important stuff very quickly.

Yu, Houston, TX
Passed April 2006

The course was perfect for me; it was all I needed to pass with flying colors.

Dustin, Houston, TX
Passed April 2006

This is a huge accomplishment for me and I owe a great deal to the training you provided. The Test Masters Course and Workshop gave me the confidence to take the exam without the usual test anxiety.

Robert, Amarillo, TX
Passed April 2006

I have little doubt that I would have passed this time if I had not taken this class. I do think it is worth every penny.

Jacques, Bullard, TX
Passed April 2006

I passed first try without much additional work outside of class. I think it was worth every penny.

Greg, Austin, TX
Passed April 2006

I PASSED! I know you go to major effort for the success of the students and it definitely shows.

Jamie, Corpus Christi, TX
Passed April 2006

I truly believe that the testmasters course is what made it possible.
Instead of blindly studying at random, the class gave me great guidance on what areas to concentrate on with my studies.

Bryan, Grove Hill, AL
Passed April 2006

It [the course] forced me to prepare my notes and thoughts to where I was able to work problems quicker and in a more organized manner.

Leslie, Childress, TX
Passed April 2006

I would have never passed the PE exam on my first try if I had not attended your courses. It was a very small price to pay to attain my PE license.

Ben, Humble, TX
Passed April 2006

I feel that I would have not had the tools and the confidence if I had not taken the Testmasters review class. I want to thank you and your staff for giving me the tools necessary to reach this important goal in my life.

Sandy, Raleigh, NC
Passed April 2006

The course is extremely helpful in targeting the areas that I would need to know the most about in passing the test. You and your instructors are well worth the cost.

Heath, Plainview, TX
Passed April 2006

Thank you all so much for the course – I feel that both the FE and PE courses made the difference for me on both test, given that I had been out of school for 10+ year. I will definitely recommend the course to others. I am a firm believer in your method of teaching/reviewing, and have seen great personal benefit from it.

Steven, Raleigh, NC
Passed April 2006

I truly believe that I could not have passed if it hadn’t been for your course.

Maria, San Antonio, TX
Passed April 2006

I will definitely recommend your course to future takers that I come across! It was worth it!

Stephanie, Columbia, NC
Passed April 2006

The class was a great study tool and guide. It gave a good outline of what I needed to study and where to concentrate.

Kevin, Houston, TX
Passed October 2005

I am happy to announce that I passed on my first try. Your PE review course helped me focus on things that I needed to focus on.

Aszita, Phoenix, AZ
Passed October 2005

The class is paramount to somebody like me who doesn’t have a lot of time to study and dig into big reference/prep books and sort out topics by recurrence frequency in the exam. The class organized my thoughts and helped me invest my limited studying time on the material that’s going to make me pass. It helped me a year ago with the FE and today with PE.

Fred, Houston, TX
Passed October 2005

I just received my exam grade and I scored an 85 on the general civil with emphasis on structural PE exam. Taking your course made all the difference.

Brian, Dallas, TX
Passed October 2005

I wish to express to you my gratitude for the Test Masters course and the quality of the instructors and materials that were provided in the course. After making several attempts at passing the PE exam on my own, I was able to use the knowledge and skills in this course to finally pass!

Gary, Little Rock, AR
Passed October 2005

I learned yesterday that I passed. Thank you for the course, it would have been impossible for me to pass without it.

Diane, Boerne, TX
Passed October 2005

Thank you so much for this course. It really did make the difference between a pass and a fail.

Kristie, Porter, TX
Passed October 2005

I checked my result last night with all my family. We were celebrating my passing (77). I really thank you for providing such good review courses. I learned a lot and that saved me a lot of time.

Kevin, Houston, TX
Passed October 2005

Words can’t express the joy I am having. Without the continued support of Test Masters, I don’t think I would have passed the PE examination. Test Masters prepared me for both the EIT and PE exam and I am grateful.

Sherrelle , Tampa, FL
Passed October 2005

Your attention to detail and solid course preparation definitely helped me pass. There’s no question that I will recommend the class to friends taking the exam.

Steven, Houston, TX
Passed October 2005

Thank you to you and your staff for helping me focus my studies on the most critical subjects to pass the exam the FIRST time!!

David , Austin, TX
Passed October 2005

Looking back, I believe the course was very instrumental in my passing the examination. I would recommend it to others. Not only does the course give a great structure for what to study, but it outlines great tips for how to approach the test and how to take it.

Shane, Austin, TX
Passed October 2005

I am certain had I not taken your refresher course, I would NOT have passed. The instruction received and the test taking tips were vital to my performance.

Jeremy, San Antonio, TX
Passed October 2005

Your classes did provide a thought process for attacking and completing the problems. I think this methodology WAS of great benefit during the exam. Your class was also helpful in identifying the “traps” which were present in some questions as well as how to eliminate answers from questions which were pure guesses thereby increasing the odds of guessing correctly. Once again, I am convinced that your class is directly responsible for my passing the exam. The benefit I received by attending your classes far outweighs the cost.

Charles, Kingwood, TX
Passed October 2005

I would like to take the time to thank Testmasters for the PE refresher course offered in Richmond VA this past fall. I was fortunate to pass the exam on the first attempt.

Tim, Collinsville, VA
Passed October 2005

I had taken the PE twice before and missed it by 6 points. After taking your class I was able to raise my score 14 points and I passed. The course was awesome.

Rebecca, Corinth, TX
Passed October 2005

I took the PE – Transportation depth in the PM. This was my first attempt at the exam and I feel that your course helped tremendously.

Terri, Austin, TX
Passed October 2005

The best aspect of the classes was the problem solving sessions, specially the method in which you coached from the examination point of view, do some theory and solve related problems.

Huzefa, Houston, TX
Passed October 2005

This class was the difference in the exam. I improved 11 points from last time.

Michael, Lubbock, TX
Passed October 2005

Thank you very much for this course it was well worth the investment of time and money.

Nyasha, Hudson, FL
Passed October 2005

I truly believe that without your course and a lot of praying I could not have passed the tests (EIT/spring, PE/fall). Your ability to “push” your students may not be totally appreciated until after the exam results are known. Simply put: THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your help and guidance.

Robert, Bristol, VA
Passed October 2005

The class helped me to focus on the important topics from each of the five major subjects, and not to become overwhelmed and discouraged by the quantity of material presented in many of the reference books.

Sarah, Houston, TX
Passed October 2005

Thank you for all your hard work and excellent review course. I passed with a 75 on the first try after taking your course.

Ed, Ruston, LA
Passed October 2005

I strongly believe that the course made the difference. I am grateful and thankful for all your help, knowledge and support, and I know you will continue to have the same success with your classes. I talked to my other 6 colleagues that took the exam and were at the prep course this past October and they all passed.

Raz, Sarasota, FL
Passed October 2005

I passed. I thought it was something definitely out of my reach, being out of college for over 20 years. But, with what test taking skills and refreshers I received, the impossible became possible.

Bill, Natchitoches, LA
Passed October 2005

Your class really worked! I passed the Civil PE exam up here in Oklahoma on the first try! All of those long weekends driving to Dallas were worth it. The class was worth every penny.

Chris, Tulsa, OK
Passed October 2005

The course did a good job of explaining the subjects in enough depth to make most of the exam very straightforward.

Greg, Austin, TX
Passed October 2005

“I passed with a score of 83! I took your course in San Antonio and tested in Geotechnical depth exam. I dont believe there is any way I would have passed without the course. It was a great review and well worth the money.”

Darren, San Antonio, TX

“I attended the PE classes (Civil) in RichmondI passed! I scored an 82 on the exam. I just wanted to let you know that the classes were right on target, and I felt well prepared going in on exam day. Thank you for your assistance in preparing for the exam!”

Richard, Bristol, VA

“I PASSED! I took the Geotechnical portion in the afternoon. This was my first attempt so I was very pleased with the review course that you guys offerI will definitely recommend your course to anyone I know.”

Joey, Lexington, NC

“The course was well suited to this examinationYour course not only refreshed my memory but gave me the confidence I needed to whip thru the exam. The test taking tips were invaluable. Thank you for your help, the course was well worth the money!”

James, Lake Monroe, FL

“I passed the PE exam. Thanks for all of your support and I do not believe I could have passed without all of the hints, tips and notes I got in class.”

Doug, Wingdale, NY

“I passed the exam just received the results from South CarolinaIm so thankful for your class, which I took this Spring in Dallas. Ive told my fellow officers and engineers about how beneficial the class was for me. Going into the class, I figured it might give me chance to pass, but it really was the critical factor. After I took the class I was very confident that I would pass, and I did first tryIll continue to spread the word about Test Masters. All the best to you and your team.”

Ron, N. Charleston, SC

“I did pass the PE Principles and Practice exam, and I did the Transportation portion in the afternoonThe course to me made the difference that I needed. I believe it gave me the edge to push me into the passing zone. You have done a great job with your courses. I will continue to recommend them to othersThanks again for helping with this challenge.”

Curtis, Tucson, AZ

“That is the best $1500 I have ever spent.”

David, Hayneville, AL

“I am very pleased to say that I passed the April 2005 P.E.I took the P.E. in the state of Virginia and I attempted the Transportation Depth sectionI can honestly say I would not have passed without Test MastersFor us VDOT people who traveled from the southwest part of the state, I am proud to say that we went 4-4 with all four of us passing! Also, of 8 people I know of from the class, all passed.”

Bill, Bristol, VA

“I PASSEDwith a score of 80. It was my first time taking the Civil PE (transportation depth). Thank you Test Masters!!!”

Antonio, Ft Lauderdale, FL

“I took your PE review class in Richmond, Virginia for the April 2005 exam. I recently got the results, as well as a Virginia professional engineers license! I wanted to drop you a quick email letting you know of my success and the large role your review class played in my passing the exam. It was my first attempt at taking the exam and there is no doubt in my mind that taking the review is what enabled me to pass. I couldnt have done it without the structured review and the guidance on topics that I was weakest in. Again thank you for the great review course and continued success.”

Raymond, Stafford, VA

“I passed! Every last cent I spent on you course was worth it. I do and will continue to recommend your course to all my friends.”

Eddie, Houston, TX

“I definitely would not have passed the FE or the PE if it were not for Test Masters!…Please continue to send me your bi-annual course schedule so that I can send my current and future engineers. Thank you again!”

Greg, Leesburg, VA

“I have no word to express my gratitude to you and your program. Your course was the final acceleration in my race toward my professional license. I scored an 80 which, quite frankly, exceeded my expectations.”

Jeovanny, Miami Springs, FL

“I passed the Civil/Water Resources PE exam with an 83. After taking the test, I knew how relevant the class was. I probably used the class teachings and notes for at least 85% of the test. I know I would not have done as well on this test without the class. I would recommend taking the class with the workshops to anyone getting ready to take the PE examThanks for everything and good luck with Test Masters.”

Lance, Garland, TX

“I credit the course with my ability to pass the exam.”

Lance, Wickenburg, AZ

“I passed the Civil exam with a score of 84I would like to thank you and all the staff at Test Masters for your professional assistance in the long process, beginning with the FE exam and up through the P&P exam. I would not have been able to do it without your review courses.”

Scott, Dallas, TX

“I passed with an 85! I feel strongly that the course helped me score so well on the exam. You guys did a great job.”

Monica, Dallas, TX

“I just received word today that I passed the Civil PE Exam. Wow what a feeling. I owe it all to your course I only wish I had taken your review course sooner.”

Mike, Miami, FL

“Thank you so very much for your helping us during the exam preparation, for your recommendations, and especially for your truly continuous support. Your professional help was decisive in passing this difficult exam.”

Francisco, Richmond, VA

“Ive got my PE Exam result today and Im glad to inform you that I passed the exam with my first trialI totally depended on the course as I had never taken time to study or work on problems prior to the review course and workshop.”

Boney, Dallas, TX

“I am elated to tell you that I did pass the PE Exam. The Test Masters class which was given in Richmond was a critical aidI will always recommend Test Masters to person taking the PE exam in the future.”

Timothy, Chesapeake, VA

“I passed the PE Exam with a score of 83 on the very first attempt. The review course was invaluable, and was without a doubt the best money Ive spent this year.”

Charlie, San Antonio, TX

“I know for a fact that I would not have passed the test the first time without taking the review course. I thank you and hope your will continue to offer the class so other students like me would have a shot at passing the exam the first time.”

Urmilla, Riviera Beach, FL

“I passed the exam. I am so thankful of Test Masters. The classes brought me confidence and knowing that I can pass the exam. Whether you are taking the PE for the 1st time or not I think that everyone should take this 10 day course.”

Dominique, Tampa, FL

“It was due to the core knowledge and test taking skills that your course gave me that allowed me to pass the PE exam on my first try. I have already recommended your course to several of my co-workers at TXDOTThanks again for your outstanding course5 other students from El Paso also passed after taking your course.”

James, El Paso, TX

“I took the class this spring in Richmond, VAThanks to the class, I passed on my first attempt after being out of design for 13 years.”

Alan, Dillwyn, VA

“First allow me to thank you for your excellent classes and teaching. It really helped me prepare for the EIT and the immediate PE right afterwards. I passed the PEI took the transportation PM section. I believe the classes touched on what we needed and were relevant.”

Callie, Houston, TX

“I did PASS!!! I credit Test Masters course as well as the support of a very understanding husband to my success! I will highly recommend taking the course to anyoneThank you so much for your program!”

Charlene, Bryan, TX

“I made it with the first attempt for Principles and practice. The cream part of the sweet deal is the individual effort and gods grace. Second part is Test Masters. All ingredients work well for anybody. Thanks Test Masters.”

Appa, Houston, TX

“I just wanted to let you know that your course was very helpful and it helped me pass the April 2005 PE exam in Florida. Everything you taught was very helpful for the exam. Thank you and Thank youThe cost of the course and the traveling were very difficult for me. However, I am glad I spent every single dime and time for it.”

Troung, Orlando, FL

“Well, I PASSED!! I am so excited I can hardly contain myselfI took the Water Resources PM examWithout the class, Im certain I would not have passed! Thank a lot for hour helpit means the world to me!”

Angela, Houston, TX

“You guys are awesome. My hard work alone would not have been sufficient to get over this milestone in my professional career. Yes I passed it. Thanks again for everything.”

Hasan, Houston, TX

“I passed!!! I graduated from college in 1980, and have been extremely busy with work, family, etc. while attempting to prepare for the exam. This time it finally all came together. Thank you and your instructors and staff for all your support.”

Mike, Houston, TX

“I passed the examit was a great relief, and the course was one of the major reason I made it through! I took the hydraulics afternoon depth examthe course provided more that enough ammunition to pull through the exam. Definitely very strongly recommend your course!”

Sushrut, Houston, TX

“The results for Virginia have just been posted. I passed. I took the Transportation afternoon and the Test Masters class was worth every penny and I would never have passed this exam without this class. Thank you very much.”

Garry, Manassas, VA

“I passed the exam with an 82. I took the Transportation depth. I do not think I would have passed the exam without Test Masters.”

Tim, Texarkana, TX

“Just wanted to let you know that I PASSED the April 2005 Civil PE test with an 82. I took the afternoon Transportation depth moduleI am very glad that I took the class, it was very beneficial, especially in narrowing down what areas I really needed to focus on. I will definitely recommend your class to others. Thanks so much!”

Deanne, Atlanta, TX

“I passed the PE Exam (Water Resources depth session) with a score of 87. I found the Test Masters course to be extraordinarily helpful in passing the exam. I walked into the test confident and I walked out sure that I had passed. I feel that the course covered the material on the exam thoroughly, and there were very few instances where the concept in the question had not been presented in class. I am recommending the course to everyone taking the exam in my office.”

Steven, Dallas, TX

“I want to thank you so muchI PASSEDI am so happy and I owe you and the whole Test Masters crew.”

Saba, Dallas, TX

“I PASSEDI took the Water Resources dept. Im so excitedthank youI dont believe I would have passed it on the first try without your review courses.”

Noreen, Dallas, TX

“I passed with an 80. I took the Water resources Depth section. The course was money well spent.”

Alisa, San Antonio, TX

“I passedThe Florida PEYour course was the push I needed to pass. Thanks a million!”

Pablo, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

“Thank you for all your help! You always worry before (and after) the exam if you studied enough, but with the help of the Test Masters, I never really felt panicked or like I needed to cram before the exam. Well worth it!”

Dawn, San Antonio, TX

“I would first like to thank you for all your efforts and kindness. I passed the PE exam on the first try Honestly, I could not have succeeded in passing the PE exam after being out of school for 12 years without this course.”

Rob, San Antonio, TX

“Your course has been extremely helpful, without it I would not have passed the exam or I would have studied very long hours and I really did not have that much time.”

John, San Antonio, TX

“I passed the PE testI took hydraulics in the afternoon. The class was the key for me passing the exam. I would not change anything about the class, it is perfect.”

Harry, Ormond Beach, FL

“I passed on the first attempt. I could not have passed without your classI took the Water Resources pm session. To be honest, I only studied about 30-40 hours outside of the actual class. So I was very dependent on the class. It worked out great. Thanks again. I am highly recommending your class to future engineers.”

Raul, Mission, TX

“First of all thank you for your course for without it I am pretty sure I would not have taken enough time to study! I passedand my depth section was water. I took the review and workshops and it was the difference maker in my caseI strongly recommend this course to anyone who is going to take the PE exam. They prepare you enough to pass.”

Manuel, Dallas, TX

“I passed the October 2004 PE Examination (I took the Water Resources PM examination). Given that I had taken the FE exam three years earlier and had only begun preparing for PE test around mid-September of this year, I would have to admit that your course was instrumental for passing the exam with less that two months preparation timeMy opinion is that any competent person with a good engineering background who pays attention in your course and extensively practices problems at home should have no trouble passing the PE. The investment of time and money in your class was well worth the price and I would recommend it to any suitably motivated individual who is serious about securing his license. Thank you very much for helping me to achieve a milestone in my professional career.”

Anthony, San Antonio, TX

“Thanks to you I passedwith Transportation depth. Your course is fantastic. Keep up the good work.”

William, Hollywood, FL

“It prepared me better that I could have done on my own. I passed the first time.”

Sherry, Munday, TX

“I passed the Environmental P.E. in Arizona. Thank you for the help, encouragement and professionalism at the class.”

Mike, Tucson, AZ