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Testmasters GMAT Test Prep Course Format

The Testmasters GMAT Course covers all the topics that appear on the GMAT and comes with two Computer Adaptive Tests (CAT) and a CAT Strategy Review.

Verbal / Writing Topics

  • GMAT Analytical Writing Assessment
  • GMAT Reading Comprehension
  • GMAT Critical Reasoning
  • GMAT Sentence Correction

Math Topics

  • GMAT Geometry
  • GMAT Word Problems
  • GMAT Data Sufficiency
  • GMAT Math Workshop

Course Materials

All Testmasters GMAT Courses come with a complete set of course materials including the manual, The Official Guide for GMAT Review. In addition to 800 real GMAT questions and their answers, this guide features a new diagnostic section that helps students assess where to focus their test-prep efforts, a new organization of questions in order of difficulty to save study time, a comprehensive math review covering the topics tested on the GMAT exam (arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and word problems), and approximately 270 Analytical Writing Assessment topics. All teaching and instruction is done from these materials.

Computerized Feedback

Testmasters uses only official GMAT exams so that students get a more accurate assessment of what their score is and what they need to work on. After taking each exam, the answer sheets will be run through a computer system to produce an online analysis detailing the student’s strengths and weaknesses – pinpointing exactly where they need to pay extra attention.

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