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Testmasters GMAT Online Prep Course

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Testmasters GMAT Online Course

The Testmasters GMAT Online Course is designed to be equally as effective as the traditional Testmasters GMAT full-length classroom course, but taking the course online has certain advantages. The Testmasters GMAT Online Course is virtually identical to our classroom course in many ways: both have the same number of instructional hours, identical course material, and a 100 point score increase guarantee. The advantages of the online GMAT course are that students can watch classes multiple times, stop and start the classes at any time, and do all of the work in the comfort of their own homes. It also saves busy students or working professionals the time that it would take to commute to a full-length classroom course. An advantage of the online course is that students can access classes at any time within four months from the sign-up date.

A Testimonial From a Testmasters GMAT Online Course Student

“Starting a family left me little time to prepare for the GMAT, so I made the most of it with the Testmasters’ online GMAT course. The flexibility of watching videos and taking practice tests during my free time were critical to my success. I was able to increase my score from 590 to 730. Thanks Testmasters!” –Dan H.

Watch A Sample Video

Please Note:The video above is being streamed through YouTube in order to demonstrate sample course content. Our courses stream in high definition video and adapt to your internet connection speed: the faster your connection, the better the video quality. If you experience a low quality video, your internet connection may currently not have sufficient bandwidth. To check your video quality, please watch the Testmasters sample video within the Testmasters video player.

If you sign up for a GMAT Online Course, you will receive:

  • Lesson Plan that follows the Testmasters GMAT Course Format
  • Testmasters GMAT Prep Course Manual
  • The Official Guide for GMAT Review, 12th Edition- contains 800 retired GMAT questions, with thorough explanations
  • Computerized feedback on actual GMAT practice exams evaluating your strengths and weaknesses
  • Free online grading for the essays

GMAT Online Course Benefits

At any time during an Online GMAT course, you can:

  • Email Testmasters with questions
  • Call for technical support
  • Arrange a phone tutoring session (additional fees apply)
  • Access class for four months from the date you sign up
  • Pause the classes or watch them multiple times for extra review (something that cannot be done in a GMAT full-length classroom course.)
  • Watch the classes when you want in the convenience of your own home

The Testmasters GMAT Online Course is an affordable and convenient way for GMAT students to reap the same benefits of the full-length classroom course. The fee for the Testmasters Online GMAT course is only $899.

GMAT Online Course Format

The online course is a series of videos that follows the regular Testmasters GMAT classroom course format. To watch these classes online, students will need to have access to high-speed internet connection with sufficient bandwidth.

Watch the Testmasters Online Course Demo Video to view the online course format and to test your bandwidth.

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Preparing for two exams? Take a second online course for the GRE or LSAT and we will give you 50% off. (Classes must be registered for simultaneously.) This option is available after you enroll for the Testmasters GMAT Online Course