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Testmasters GMAT Custom Group Prep Course

Educators, School Administrators, and Group Organizers: If the full-length classroom GMAT courses are inconvenient for any reason, Testmasters can work with groups to create a custom GMAT course. The beauty of GMAT Custom Courses is that Testmasters will send instructors to businesses and universities to conduct the GMAT preparation course. All of the benefits of the GMAT classroom course apply, including the 100 point score improvement guarantee and instructors who use the most effective GMAT strategies available in the industry.

Why Choose A GMAT Custom Course?

Flexibility. Students will have access to all of the features and benefits of our full-length classroom course, but the Customized GMAT Course would be conducted at the times and locations of the students’ choice. That means that Testmasters can conduct classes at office buildings, business schools, and universities.

Proximity. The courses are ideal for students who live in a community that Testmasters does not currently serve. If there are no classroom courses in the area, the Testmasters GMAT Custom Course offers a solution by bringing the class to the student.

GMAT Custom Course Options

GMAT Custom Course OPEN
Groups that have at least 15 students ready to attend a GMAT Custom Course can choose to have an open course if they wish to have the classes left open for other students to join. Testmasters will provide the classroom for the GMAT Custom Course and will advertise it on the website for those that choose this option.

Private GMAT Custom Course CLOSED
For those groups that have 15 students and do NOT want to open the GMAT Custom Course to other students, the closed course is the best choice. This is ideal for schools looking to provide on-site classes for their students. Testmasters would request that the group of students provide the classroom facilities for the Custom GMAT Course.

Scheduling Your GMAT Custom Course

The Custom GMAT Course will have 12 classes, identical to the GMAT Classroom Courses. Testmasters recommends the following breakdown:

  • GMAT Paper-and Pencil Exam #1 (4 hours)
  • Four 3-hour Teaching Classes
  • GMAT Paper-and Pencil Exam #2 (4 hours)
  • Two 3-hour Teaching Classes
  • GMAT CAT Exam #3 (3 hours)
  • Two 3-hour Teaching Classes
  • GMAT CAT Exam #4 (3 hours)

Registering For Your GMAT Custom Course

For those groups that have at least 15 students who are interested in taking a GMAT Custom Course, please call Testmasters at (281) 276-7777, or 1-800-910-3926, or contact Testmasters online.