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Testmasters HSPT Custom Group Course

Educators, School Administrators, and Group Coordinators: The Testmasters HSPT Custom Group Course gives private schools, charter schools, and other organizations the opportunity to have a Testmasters HSPT Course at their own location. Although this alternative is traditionally meant for school administrators who wish to have an on-site course for their students, anyone who has a group of 15 or more students can sign up for a Testmasters Custom Course. For students who cannot find a full-length HSPT Course that fits with their schedule, this may be a perfect solution. This option gives groups of students the flexibility to schedule a course time and location that works with their schedule. The Testmasters ACT Custom Course is also a great choice for groups of students with similar schedules that are part of an organization like athletic groups, band and choir groups, religious organizations, or any type of extracurricular organization.

Why Choose a Custom HSPT Course?

Flexibility. You get all of the features and benefits of our full-length HSPT Classroom course, but the custom HSPT course would be conducted at the times and locations of your choice!

Proximity. Live in an underserved area or community? Opt for our custom HSPT course, and we can send our teachers right to your school!

HSPT Custom Course Options

Custom HSPT Course OPEN
If you have at least 15 students ready to attend your Custom HSPT Course, and you’d like to leave your customized HSPT classes open for other students to join, then this is the choice for you. Testmasters will provide the classroom for your custom HSPT Course and we will advertise it on our website if you choose this option.

Private Custom HSPT Course CLOSED
If you have 15 students or more and do NOT want to open your Custom HSPT Course to other students, then this is the option for you. This is ideal for schools looking to provide on-site classes for their students. We request that you provide the classroom facilities for your private Custom HSPT Course.

Scheduling your Custom HSPT Course

Your Custom HSPT Course will have 12 classes, just like our regular HSPT courses. We recommend the following breakdown:

  • Four Math Classes (3 hr)
  • Four Verbal Classes (3 hr)
  • Four Full-length HSPT Exams (3 hr)

Registering for your HSPT Custom Course

If you have at least 15 students ready and willing to take your custom HSPT course, please call our office at (281) 276-7777 or contact us, so we can start the process to get your students the special attention they need to ace the HSPT!