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Testmasters LSAT Test Prep Course Testimonials

“I recently got my scores for the December LSAT and I just wanted to thank you for your online class! I took the October LSAT and scored a 150. I was disappointed and unsure if I would be admitted to any school that I wanted to go to with that. I signed up for the December LSAT and registered for your online class and with only about 5 weeks of studying, my score increased to a 165. I know I couldn’t have done it without the help of this class. Thank you!”

Emily J.

“Testmasters provides a different and broken down approach not found with other Test prep classes. Testmasters dramatically improved my score and ability to get into better law schools. Anyone wanting to take the LSAT should definitely take this course, i took this course for SAT and came back. I will definitely come back for way future tests!”

Andrew K.

“Testmasters gave me exactly what I needed. Instruction in a small class setting and enough practice problems to last me a life time. The class really helped. “

Cathrine C.

“Testmasters is a great organization that teaches you efficient and effective tools that, when implemented will improve your scores beyond your expectations.”

Nellie K.

“The explanations and attention to detail were very helpful in providing better understanding of the course material, especially in logic games.”

Eric G.

“Testmasters has definitely been beneficial to my score. I don’t know what would have done without it!! and 16 pts!!”

Nisha M.

“I saw an improvement in my ability to answer questions immediately. From the first day of class I began to understand how to use, apply, and amplify settings. The class also allowed me to become more comfortable with the test. The more comfortable I became with the test, the faster and more accurate I was able to take the test.”

Kenitra B.

“I never would have know how to approach the LSAT before the class… now I feel comfortable going into each and every section.”

Nicki M.

“I’ve climbed 14 points during the course.”

Dan L.