SAT & PSAT Live Online Classroom Course available in Houston, Texas

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Course Number: SAT-2212016-WWW
Start Date 12/17/2022 to End Date 12/30/2022
Saturday12/17/20222 pm to 5:15 pm
Monday12/19/20222 pm to 5 pm
Tuesday12/20/20222 pm to 5 pm
Wednesday12/21/20222 pm to 5 pm
Thursday12/22/20222 pm to 5 pm
Friday12/23/20222 pm to 5:15 pm
Monday12/26/20222 pm to 5 pm
Tuesday12/27/20222 pm to 5 pm
Wednesday12/28/20222 pm to 5:15 pm
Thursday12/29/20222 pm to 5 pm
Friday12/30/20222 pm to 5 pm
This course is in a LIVE ONLINE format using Zoom.
We will ship your course books to you via Fedex - so register early!
Includes 4 months of unlimited Group Tutorials for FREE extra-help.
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LOCATION: Live Online
PRICE: $799$699Discount Applied
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