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College Admissions Workshops

Getting into college is more than just taking the SAT or ACT. You have to fill out applications, write college admissions essays, get recommendations, and in some cases go through a college admissions interview. The College Admissions Workshop addresses all these other tasks and gets you started writing all your college admissions essays – the most difficult part.

The Test Masters College Admissions Workshops consist of a comprehensive set of workshops designed to help students navigate the college application process from start to finish. The workshops are taught by instructors with an in-depth knowledge of the college admissions process. The four 3-hour workshops also cover the college applications as a whole and discusses strategies for applying to college. Special emphasis is given to writing the college admissions essays.

The workshops cover:

  • How to approach the college admissions process.
  • How to pick the right colleges to apply to.
  • How to make sure you get good recommendations from your teachers.
  • How to pick a college major and factors you should consider in this process.
  • How to prepare for a college interview.
  • How to write a great college application essay.

Below is an overview of the four 3-hour classes that comprise the College Admissions Workshops:

  • College Admissions Process Overview
    Overview of the course and the college admissions process.
  • Writing the College Application Essay
    We’ll talk about what makes a successful college application essay and discuss brainstorming for good ideas.
  • Writing Workshop 1
    Students will bring in a rough first draft for an essay and get feedback from the writing instructor.
  • Writing Workshop 2
    Students will further refine their essays and get feedback from peer review.

At the end, students will have a highly polished essay that has gone through several drafts. They will also leave with a better understanding of what makes a great college application.

Fees and Discounts
Early Registration: $399
Regular Registration: $449

To register for College Admissions Workshops, please call (281) 276-7777.