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Testmasters ACT Course Format

Our course covers all the topics covered on the ACT and includes three full length ACT Exams.

Reading Comprehension Topics

  • ACT Reading Comprehension 1
  • ACT Reading Comprehension 2

English / Writing Topics

  • ACT English
  • ACT Writing

Math Topics

  • ACT Math 1 – Geometry
  • ACT Math 2 – Word Problems
  • ACT Math 3 – Math Workshop (Supplemental Online Video)

Science Topics

  • ACT Science 1 – Data Analysis
  • ACT Science 2 – Data Representation / Experiments

Course Materials

Each student will receive a Testmasters ACT course manual and a copy of the Official ACT Study Guide in addition to their ACT classes. All teaching is derived from these 1200+ pages of ACT preparation materials.

Computerized Feedback

At Testmasters, we use only official ACT exams so that you may get a more accurate assessment of what your score is and what you need to work on. After you take each exam, we run your answer sheet through our computer systems and produce an online analysis detailing your strengths and weaknesses, pinpointing exactly where you need to pay extra attention.