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The ACT is one of the most important exams that you will take in high school. Adequate preparation for the ACT is critical for achieving a competitive score. By taking the Testmasters ACT course, you are guaranteed a minimum increase of 4 points on your ACT score. This is more than any other test preparation company.

What is a Live Online Course?

The Testmasters Live Online Course comes with the same materials, instructional content, and 4 point score increase guarantee as our classroom courses, with the difference being that students access the instructional lectures online from home. With easy to use screen sharing technology, we are able to sync our students’ computers to our instructor’s computer, creating a virtual classroom in which the instructor and all our students can communicate with one another. These lectures proceed according to the exact same format as our classroom lectures, and everything our instructors write down over the course of the lesson, and all of the problems, notes, and solutions covered during a particular lecture, will be visible online. Should a student have any questions, they can push a button to ‘raise their hand.’ This Live Online learning environment has quickly become the standard for long-distance learning, and Testmasters continues to be a leader in test preparation innovation.

How is Testmasters different?

First, our instructors are truly experts in the areas they teach. While other companies may have their teachers teach all sections of the ACT despite them having done well in only one, Testmasters trains its teachers to specialize in one particular area, which they teach repeatedly. Consequently, each Testmasters teacher has taught that class dozens, if not hundreds, of times, and you will have three or four different teachers per course. The result is a clearer, more efficient, and perhaps entertaining class in which every teacher is an expert in his or her respective areas.

Second, we realize that high school students lead busy lives and are overloaded from their many activities outside of schoolwork. We understand that, for our students to succeed, we must be able to hold their attention. At Testmasters, we go the extra mile to make our classes fun and exciting. Our instructors infuse humor and personality into their lectures and the learning environment in order to make sure students don’t “phase out.” The result? A motivating, invigorating instructional environment in which students consistently learn how to perform to the best of their abilities.

Testmasters vs. the Competition

Criteria Testmasters Kaplan Princeton Review
Hours of Instruction 39 18 25
Score Increase Guarantee 4 points 1 point 1 point
Extra Help Available FREE Yes No Yes
Are In-Class ACT Exams Official ACT Practice Exams? Yes No No
Group Discount Available? Yes No No

* 27 hours of course instruction + approximately 12 hours of in-class test-taking

DISCLAIMER: Testmasters obtains the information above from publicly available sources. While we strive to ensure the comparison is accurate, Testmasters does not guarantee validity of the information. Please to refer to the companies’ respective websites for more details about their products.

Class Format

Each Testmasters ACT Prep Course consists of 11 sessions and classes meet 3 times per week. Each class session is 3 to 4 hours long.

View the Testmasters ACT course format.

Group Discounts

The full length course fee varies by location and includes all materials. There are opportunities for additional discounts as well:

  • 3-4 students in a group: $25 discount per person
  • 5-9 students in a group: $50 discount per person
  • 10 or more students in a group: $100 discount per person
  • Discount based on geography.
  • Note: Enter group discount information on student portal after registration. Members of a group must take courses starting within the same week, but not necessarily the same course. The payment of all group members must be received at least 7 days before the first course in that group starts. To receive a group discount, each student must submit all the names of group members individually. Students requesting group discounts are ineligible for our withdrawal policy due to the effects it would have on their group members. Any changes to group membership must be completed 7 days prior to the start of the earliest class in the group.

Make-Up Policy

Make-up options are available if you are going to miss a class. Please check the course in your area for specific information, or call us at (281) 276-7777 or contact us via email.

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