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If you have to miss a class, doing a make-up is easy! You can either do a make-up with another live Testmasters course running in parallel to your own, or you can do an online video make-up. Here is how makeups work:


Testmasters has classes running almost every month in many locations around Houston. If you miss a class in your regular course, you can make up that class topic with another course running at the same location OR at any of the many courses running at alternate locations. Simply log into your online student account, click “Makeups” (under the section titled “Schedule a make-up if you have to miss class”), click the class you will miss, and you will be presented with a host of options to make-up this class. It is best to schedule live make-up classes as early as possible as seating is limited. Additional live make-up options are released regularly, so if you don’t see a convenient option you can check back the following week to see if more options have become available.


Alternatively, you can call our offices and schedule an online video make-up. Video make-ups have an advantage in that you can pause a video or watch portions of a video multiple times. All online classes stream in high-definition video, so a high-speed internet connection is necessary. Students have access to online video make-ups for two weeks following their release.

Each student is limited to a total of four free make-ups, beyond which there is a charge of $30 per make-up. However, exam days and holidays do not count towards this limit of four free make-ups. Note that all make-ups must be completed within 30 days of your course ending.