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Please rest assured that you will be safe attending one of our live in-person classroom courses. To protect you from the COVID-19 hazards, we have instituted the following changes:

1) Our classroom seating has been adjusted to allow proper social distancing. (pic)

2) Janitorial crews have altered their cleaning methods to properly disinfect the classrooms.

3) Hand sanitizers are available to students to disinfect their hands upon entering the classroom. (UPDATE 6/1/20: Students are now required to sanitize their hands upon entering the room.)

4) Students are encouraged to wear masks if they are well and are required to stay home if they are not. Teachers have extra masks for students that wish to don a mask but lack one. (UPDATE 6/22/20: Masks are now required in compliance with recently issued local mandates.)

5) Breaks are organized such that students do not crowd together getting in or out of the classroom.

6) Teachers will screen the classroom for those that may be visibly sick with classic COVID-19 symptoms.

7) Our live classes will be in strict compliance with any relevant government mandates.

Your safety is our highest priority. If you have any suggestions for us to implement beyond what is listed above, please email us at Also please recognize that the safety policies mentioned here will likely evolve due to the fluid nature of the COVID-19 outbreak.

If you decide to join a live in-person classroom course and later feel otherwise, switching midstream to a live online course will not be a problem. We want you to feel comfortable while attending our courses.

If you remain concerned about starting a traditional course amidst this crisis, then note that it is better to take a live online course now rather than to take a live in-person course later. Our students that start early usually get the best results.

Our live online courses are conducted using Cisco Webex or Zoom. You will be able to interact with your instructor as in a live in-person course including raising your hand and asking questions all while in the comforts of your own home. Our live online courses are very popular, and have the exact same teachers, same number of classes, same course material, same guarantees, and same after-class support as our live in-person courses. When you register, we will ship you the materials via FedEx. To watch a sample video of a live online course, please CLICK HERE.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

We hope you continue to stay healthy and safe during this unfortunate period.

Thank you for choosing TestMasters.